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Robin Dyck

team manager, proofreading

Robin studied Political Science and Pre- and Early History in Heidelberg. Currently, he works in Public Relations and Marketing.

As an English native, he also coaches authors and counsels the editorial to refine the writing style of

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Alex Braley

Alex is a Political Science graduate from Sciences-Po Paris in France and the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. Having lived in several European countries, he has developed an interest for everything that is European and aims to share that enthusiasm. By contributing to he intends to help people understand the domestic political scene in the UK, and thereby comprehend the UK's position within EU politics.

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Bethany Purrington

Bethany is about to complete her BA in French and German at the University of Exeter, England. During her degree course she spent a year studying in Tübingen, Germany and is looking forward to working as a translation intern in Hamburg after graduation. Bethany believes that sharing information is the key to changing peoples' perspectives on both political and social issues

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Callum Pierce

Callum is a British-European who studied Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. After qualifying as a Doctor in 2014 he now works as a Research Officer with a multinational NGO in Swaziland, Southern Africa. His main research interests lie at the interface between politics, international relations, anthropology and health. Callum speaks Polish and English and believes passionately that our greatest hope for a stronger, fairer and more unified European Union is true solidarity, underwritten by sincere intercultural communication.

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Daniel Walker

Daniel graduated from Exeter University, England, in German with Mathematics in 2014 and then moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for an internship with an educational publisher. Since April 2015 he has been working as a freelance editor, based in Frankfurt.
As a British native living in Germany, he believes it is very important to exchange information about current affairs in different countries so that people can see the bigger picture of what is happening in the world.

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