Cosmopublic Team Sweden

Jens Ummethum

team manager

Jens studied European Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and Social Sciences (Sociology, Economics, Political Science) in Osnabrück (Germany), Malmö (Sweden) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). Throughout his studies the process of European integration played a major role. In addition, he did several internships, for example in the press office of the Representation of the European Commission in Bonn (Germany). Currently he works in Business Development in Kiev (Ukraine).

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Camilla Buch

Camilla recently got her BA in Journalism and Multimedia and primarily writes about graphic design in Sweden. Camilla is enthusiastic about languages and computer science.

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Maciej Wilga

Born in Poland, Maciej passed the Polish and German A-level exams. After studying two majors of Political Science and English/American philology at the University of Potsdam, Germany, Maciej absolved a trilingual (French, English and German) postgraduate studies programme in European Integration, International Relations and federalism in Nice, France. He wrote his Ph.D. Dissertation on the institutional development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.
Maciej has been a strong supporter of the European integration ever since and had been strongly involved in the European Movement as well as in different scientific networks. He also published on the European Integration process and has been teaching European integration and EU external relations at universities in Denmark, Germany and Austria. As a founder of the German-Swedish meet-up group in Berlin, he is also active in several Scandinavian networks.

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Philipp Gmoser

Born in Austria, Philipp considers himself a true European living the motto “Home is where the heart is” – or more philosophically, he tries to live according to the mantra of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca: “Non sum ulli angulo natus, patria mea totus hic mundus est.” After studying Political Science in Vienna, Stockholm and Munich, Philipp moved to Berlin where he currently contributes to gaining a better mutual understanding of financial and economic politics between Germany and Austria. In part due to his experiences while travelling throughout Europe, he is a strong supporter of the European idea.

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Sarah Onkels

Sarah has a master degree in Scandinavian Studies and is currently working as a research assistant at the Department for Scandinavian Languages and Cultures of Bonn University. Among other things Sarah has a background in organizing non-commercial film festivals (Skandinavische Filmtage Bonn) and doing translation works during her studies. After finishing her Phd she aims to work as a researcher within Scandinavian medieval studies and translator for Swedish and Finnish.

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