Cosmopublic Team Italy

Marco Jelic

team manager

Marco studied Italian and Spanish philology, as well as political sciences at the University of Bonn. He gained varied journalistic experience at the public service TV- and radio-stations WDR, SWR and Deutsche Welle, currently he is working as freelancer. Due to his Romance Studies he spent eight months at the University of Florence. His multicultural, italo-croatian background is one reason more for him to bring forward the idea of a closer European integration.

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Anja Berger

Anja Berger has studied Political Science and Languages in Düsseldorf and Rome and also lived in France for some months. She has the impression that even if as Europeans we are living in everyday contact with people from our neighbour states, there is still some lack of comunication and understanding between the single nationalities. She currently lives and works in Rome.

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Federica Patalano

Federica holds a Master degree in Arts and Communication at University in Milan, an Advanced Master degree in EU Law and Politics at College of Europe in Bruges, she also studied at Harvard University in Boston for her bachelor research thesis.

Federica acquired professional experience both in the business and public sector. She started her professional career in Italy as Marketing and Business development Manager in 2009. Then she spent almost 2 years working at the European Parliament in Brussels, as Parliamentary Assistant first, and then as Policy Officer at the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Secretary General working on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and its implication on the EU decision making processes. She has also been appointed as Expert at the European Commission for the EACEA (2009-2014). Currently, Federica works as Regulatory Engagement Manager.

Federica has been always actively involved in civic activities and she believes that Cosmopublic provides a unique opportunity to increase and promote a European debate.

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Marco Calabrò

Marco is a PhD candidate of Political Science at the University of Rome Tre. His research interests deal with elections and non democratic regimes. He considers the European Union as a firewall for democracy and peace.

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Silvia Favasuli

Silvia works as a journalist at Linkiesta, an Italian online newspaper focused on in-deep analysis. She had a degree in Modern Philology at the Catholic University of Milan and a master in Journalism at the University of Milan. She lives in Milan.

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Vittoria Carraro

Vittoria studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Bologna and at the College of Europe of Bruges. She has been working in the international communication sector both in Italy and in Germany. She believes that European citizens need new tools and opportunities to communicate and better understand each other.

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