Cosmopublic Team Germany

Christian Grünewald


Christian studied political science, history and public law at the University of Bonn. He has been involved in several journalistic projects, gained further experience with NGOs during his studies and is currently working in communications. Promoting the European idea is one of his most important concerns, thanks to his extensive travels and an exchange semester in Stockholm, Sweden.

Christian is a founding member of and vice-chairman of the European Cosmopublic Project e.V., the association behind the website.

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Benno Gross

senior editor, social media

Benno studied political science, history and public law at the University of Bonn with a focus on the history of European politics. Inter alia, he did several internships in the field of international humanities and public relations. Currently, he is pursuing a postgraduate Master of Administrative Sciences at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. For him, to stress the values of the European Union while retaining European national characteristics is the main objective in his dedication to

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Eike Hortsch

Eike studied Political Science and European Studies at the University of Bielefeld (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg (Russia). He finished his Master's studies in Political Science at the University of Bremen (Germany) in 2014. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

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Katharina Winter

Katharina studied Dramaturgie and Greek literature in Munich. While her Erasmus year in Athens she discovered her passion for Europe. She finished her studies in 2011 and worked for the BR (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation). At the moment she is doing a traineeship at Radio Feierwerk, a local radio channel in Munich.

All reports by Katharina Winter

Lisa Heinemann

Member of Team Germany

All reports by Lisa Heinemann

Peter Sawicki

Born in the seaport of Gdansk in nothern Poland, Peter grew up in Germany and studied history, communication studies and political science at the universities of Bonn and Berlin. Furthermore he attended the National University of Singapore and University College London as part of various student exchange programs. Having a genuine passion for writing, Peter has striven for a career in journalism since his schooldays. He has gained journalism experience primarily at broadcast media including WDR, Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio Kultur. He is a freelance journalist based in Berlin, while his specific family background has ever since motivated him to promote the European idea.

All reports by Peter Sawicki

Sandra Czech

Sandra studied Cultural Science and Intercultural Communication in Marburg and Frankfurt/Oder. Staying abroad in different European countries as well as traveling has intensified her interest in international relations and intercultural dialog. Besides her experiences in European cultural exchange, internships in the field of media and publishing were additional motives to participate in the project and promote mutual European communication and information.

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