Editorial Team Finland

Anne-Kristin Beinhauer

Anne-Kristin studies Finnish studies and Romance languages and literatures with focus on Spanish and French at the University of Cologne and the University of Seville. Having lived and worked one year each in Finland and in Spain, she’s very interested in European relations and intercultural exchange. Besides her studies she likes to teach languages as a private teacher and writes articles for several editorials. She’s passionate about sports, languages, cultures, arts and music. She is one of the founder of our Finnish desk.

Sarah Onkels

Sarah has a master degree in Scandinavian Studies and is currently working as a research assistant at the Department for Scandinavian Languages and Cultures of Bonn University. Among other things Sarah has a background in organizing non-commercial film festivals (Skandinavische Filmtage Bonn) and doing translation works during her studies. After finishing her Phd she aims to work as a researcher within Scandinavian medieval studies and translator for Swedish and Finnish.