Cosmopublic Team Bulgaria

Raycho Penchev

team manager

Raycho studied political science at the University of Sofia and at the University of Freiburg (Germany) emphasizing the process of European integration. After that he continued studying German, European and Global politics at the University of Bonn (Germany). His major interests are the pre- and after-accession period of the Bulgarian EU-membership and the political process in the EU. Due to his Bulgarian background and his studies he believes that “networked” is the best word to describe the Europeans.

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Alice Greschkow

Alice Greschkow, born in Sofia (Bulgaria), grew up in Germany and finished her Bachelor degree in Politcal Science and Communication Science in Germany and Spain. She is currently studying the Master's Degree Global Studies in Poland and Denmark and considers herself simply as a European. Her major interests are European integration and international security. She believes that cooperation on European level will contribute not only to economic growth but as well unleash cultural exchange.

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Ivan Yanakiev

Ivan studied Political Science in Freiburg with a focus on European politics and Economics. After working as Communications & PR Officer at the Centre for European Policy in Germany, he was a part of several projects in Germany, Switzerland and UK. His analyses are recommended readings for M.A. courses at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Currently, Ivan works as a consultant in the area of public relations and political communications, he is a serial entrepreneur and executive director of the NGO ‘Bulgaria Thinks’.

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