...what moves YOUR Country?

Cosmopublic.eu already reports from no less than 14 countries. Still, this is just the beginning! We aim to establish new teams in even more member states of the European Union.

You like the idea behind Cosmopublic.eu? You are interested in contributing? Then please get in touch with us: contact@cosmopublic.eu

Why you should JOIN Cosmopublic.eu:

  • You get your own texts published to international readers.
  • You acquire journalistic experience.
  • You practice your English writing skills.
  • You join a growing network of young and like-minded Europeans.
  • You have the chance to tell Europe about your country.
  • You support a project that campaigns for a common European public.

Why Cosmopublic.eu needs YOU:

  • You are passionate about writing and publishing your own texts.
  • You have good English skills.
  • You are highly interested in what’s going on in your country and...
  • You want to tell others about it!
  • You are enthusiastic and motivated.
  • You can work independently.
  • You stay committed once you join the Cosmopublic team.

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The Project

What happened during the last two weeks in Poland? What stimulated heated debates in Germany? And which topics were meanwhile disputed in France? What actually moves the people in your neighbouring country?

With our two-weekly Cosmopublic Country Reports, we provide up-to-date insights into discussions, emotions and problems of European states - an offer to all Europeans to find out more about their neighbours' views and opinions.

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