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France Suffers Renewed Terrorist Attack

France, 15 Jun - 14 Jul 2016

Attacks spark new debate on national security ++ Labour Market reform passed at a high cost ++ Euro 2016: No happy ending for “les bleus”. by Matthieu Choblet
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A New Prince for Sweden!

Sweden, 01 Mar - 28 Mar 2016

Princess Victoria gives birth to Prince Oscar ++ 'Frans' to represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest ++ Terrorist shot in Brussels had connections to Sweden. by Jens Ummethum
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Szydlo, Duda, Kaczynski and the Plunging Gap in Polish Society

Poland, 28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

Government party PiS keeps on dividing media and society ++ Sadness after attacks in Brussels ++ Charity Orchestra WOSP 2016 reaches new record. by Lukas Plewnia
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Paris Attackers Arrested – Possible Connections to Brussels Bombings

France, 24 Feb - 22 Mar 2016

Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam arrested – alleged ties to Brussels attacks ++ Saudi Arabian prince receives highest national award. by Katinka Koke
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‘War On Terror’ Included in Constitution

France, 28 Jan - 23 Feb 2016

100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun – new memorial for united remembrance ++ Withdrawal of citizenship splits Parliament – Minister of Justice resigns ++ Attractive France: Remission of tax should lure film productions ++ Eagles of Death Metal – First concert after Paris attacks. by Sabrina Hambloch
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National State of Emergency and Dual Nationality Discussion Divide the French

France, 30 Dec - 27 Jan 2016

Deprivation of dual nationality for terrorists divides French politicians ++ Government considers new extension of National State of Emergency ++ Clinical trial accident: One person dies during drug tests. by Ina Berger
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Sweden Swaying Between Neutrality & Nato: Security Pressures & New Controversies

Sweden - Analysis - Sweden - 19 Dec 2015

An analysis about the newest debate on the relationship between Sweden and the North Atlantic Alliance. by Maciej Wilga
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Friday the 13th in Paris – a Horrible and Traumatising Black Friday

France, 03 Nov - 30 Nov 2015

The Paris terrorist attacks and their consequences ++ Tough negotiations at Climate Change Conference ++ Test train accident in Alsace leaves unsolved questions. by Katinka Koke
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Internal Security Challenges – Bulgaria Deals with Terror Suspects & Economic Risks

Bulgaria, 22 Jul - 18 Aug 2015

Bulgarian authorities searching for terror suspects ++ Economic tensions expected in spite of GDP growth ++ UN report: Bulgarian population to shrink most rapidly. by Alice Greschkow
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10 Years after Tube Attack – Commemorations & New Counter-Extremism Strategy

UK, 06 Jul - 23 Jul 2015

7/7: 10 Years On ++ Government Presents New Counter-Extremism Strategy ++ Controversial Cuts and a National Living Wage – The first Tory budget since 1996. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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Massacre in Tunisia Leaves 30 British Dead…and Many Speechless

UK - Special Report - UK - 06 Jul 2015

Terror attack on tourists in Tunisia ++ British authorities tighten security and begin investigations ++ “We are a target”: Cameron promises to tackle terrorism at home and abroad. by Robin Dyck
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'We are the People'? Pegida Movement Sparks Debate on anti-islamic Resentments

Germany - Analysis - Germany - 19 Jan 2015

What is Pegida? ++ What Pegida wants ++ Reactions. by Benno Gross
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Je Suis Charlie! – France Cut To the Quick

France - 18 Jan 2015

Shootings at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ++ freedom of expression badly hurt ++ Europeans and people all over the world under shock. by Katinka Koke
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Torn between grief and anxiety – Germany struggles with the aftermath of Paris attacks

Germany, 24 Dec - 20 Jan 2015

“Not just an attack on French citizens” – Germany mourns victims of Paris shootings ++ “Possible terrorist attack” threatening Germany – Monday rallies in Dresden cancelled ++ Germany: a safe haven for refugees? by Peter Sawicki
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The Fear of Terrorism: New Challenges for German Security Authorities

Germany, 11 Nov - 24 Nov 2014

German Islamists heading to join the IS. What happens when they come back? ++ The fate of a young American initiated debate about assisted dying in Germany ++ Solidarity surcharge: Who gets the money? by Lisa Heinemann
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Sweden Hit by Worst Wildfire in Modern Times

Sweden, 26 Jul - 08 Aug 2014

Devastating wildfire hits Central Sweden ++ Stockholm Pride attracts record crowds ++ Terror threats against neigbouring Norway. by Jens Ummethum
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Embassies Closed and Dutch Nationals Repatriated due to Terror Warnings

Netherlands, 16 Jul - 12 Aug 2013

Terror threats: Embassies closed and travellers asked to return ++ Heat wave strenuous for people and cows ++ Government finds health system too expensive ++ Concern about safety of Dutch railway after train accident in Spain ++ End of 100th Tour de France closely followed. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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