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Thousands March Against Austerity & Bemoan the Death of a Legend

UK, 01 Jun - 30 Jun 2015

Thousands march peacefully against government austerity plans ++ The Loss of a Legend: Sir Christopher Lee dies. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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Kidnapped French Journalists freed after ten Months in Syria

France, 10 Apr - 23 Apr 2014

Back in France: Journalists released from captivity ++ 50 billion austerity programme: France's way towards Brussels ++ Thousands for Reunification of Brittany. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Verhofstadt vs. Rehn – ‘Mr. Europe’ candidates again

Belgium, 09 Jan - 22 Jan 2014

Guy Verhofstadt named the liberal top candidate for the European elections ++ No government, no cry? How a political standstill can have its merits ++ France forces minister to make U-turn on salaries of Dexia directors. by Daan Fonck
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Austerity for the Budget – and the Babies

Belgium, 25 Mar - 07 Apr 2013

Cheese-slice budgetary model gains popularity with government ++ Belgian babies on a diet ++ Belgians in offshore leaks targeted for tax fraud. by Lauren Heeffer
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Headaches over the Euro and the Football EURO

Netherlands, 28 May - 11 Jun 2012

Worries about the Future of the Euro as Spanish Banks Need New Bail-out ++ Dutch Disillusioned after their EURO 2012 Opening Game ++ Green Party Recovers from Fight over their Leadership. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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