Topic: UK Independence Party (UKIP)

#Marmitegate and UKIP Leadership Take to the Headlines

UK, 19 Sep - 16 Oct 2016

“Marmitegate” and the plummeting Pound: Brits feel Brexit consequences as PM May gets precise on how to leave the EU ++ Diane James steps down as UKIP leader after 18 days as replacement favourite Steven Woolfe is rushed to hospital. by Daniel Walker, Robin Dyck
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Unlimited Shame or Glorious Victory – Britain Divided Over Brexit

UK - Special BREXIT - UK - 23 Jun 2016

Brexit – The Results ++ UK Politics in Turmoil ++ What’s Next? – A commentary. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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Conservative Victory in 2015 Election – What`s in Store for the UK?

UK Election Outcome - UK - 19 May 2015

The election excitement has settled down. After his massive Conservative victory, Cameron now has an absolute majority mandate. He now plans to implement his election manifesto “in full” and to move quickly on EU issues. by Robin Dyck
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“Game of Unknowns” – Unpredictable Outcome of General Election 2015

UK, 03 Apr - 30 Apr 2015

Coalition Bargaining Heats Up as Election Approaches ++ Thousands of British Soldiers At Risk in Malaria Drug Scandal. by Callum Pierce, Robin Dyck
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Britain and Europe – a mere Partnership of Convenience?

Special Feature on the UK - Part III - UK - 20 Feb 2015

Today’s shape of a united Europe wouldn’t have been possible without influential reflections of some British thinkers. Yet as Britain’s current relationship with its fellow EU member states is as strained as never before, the traditionalists’ ever-present dream of a “life outside the European Union” may become a serious option in the nearest future. by Peter Sawicki
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New Kids in Town Challenge the Old Party System: Two-Party-Politics in the UK – Gone for Good?

Special Feature on the UK - Part I of III - UK - 03 Feb 2015

The United Kingdom is one of the oldest western democracies. Its “Westminster Model” was a role model for younger democracies everywhere in the world. Two-party-politics have been a defining feature of the system. However, recent developments in The UK have witnessed the upsurge of new political powers, challenging the old party system. The General Elections in May promise to be exciting as never before. by Robin Dyck
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