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France Suffers Renewed Terrorist Attack

France, 15 Jun - 14 Jul 2016

Attacks spark new debate on national security ++ Labour Market reform passed at a high cost ++ Euro 2016: No happy ending for “les bleus”. by Matthieu Choblet
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Paris Attackers Arrested – Possible Connections to Brussels Bombings

France, 24 Feb - 22 Mar 2016

Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam arrested – alleged ties to Brussels attacks ++ Saudi Arabian prince receives highest national award. by Katinka Koke
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Threat of Terror and Storms keeps Sweden on the Edge

Sweden, 10 Nov - 07 Dec 2015

„Helga“ and „Gorm“ spread chaos ++ Wave of migrants forces new measures ++ Threat of terror attack is now higher according to the Security Service. by Jens Ummethum
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Friday the 13th in Paris – a Horrible and Traumatising Black Friday

France, 03 Nov - 30 Nov 2015

The Paris terrorist attacks and their consequences ++ Tough negotiations at Climate Change Conference ++ Test train accident in Alsace leaves unsolved questions. by Katinka Koke
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10 Years after Tube Attack – Commemorations & New Counter-Extremism Strategy

UK, 06 Jul - 23 Jul 2015

7/7: 10 Years On ++ Government Presents New Counter-Extremism Strategy ++ Controversial Cuts and a National Living Wage – The first Tory budget since 1996. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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Massacre in Tunisia Leaves 30 British Dead…and Many Speechless

UK - Special Report - UK - 06 Jul 2015

Terror attack on tourists in Tunisia ++ British authorities tighten security and begin investigations ++ “We are a target”: Cameron promises to tackle terrorism at home and abroad. by Robin Dyck
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Swedish Air Force Surprised by Russia’s Mock Attack

Sweden, 15 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

Russian jet fighters practising attack on Sweden ++ Terror attack in Boston widely discussed ++ Zlatan Ibrahimovic to be part of Eurovision Song Contest. by Jens Ummethum
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The Netherlands Welcome Their New King

Netherlands, 09 Apr - 06 May 2013

Willem Alexander - King of the Netherlands ++ Should Germans be commemorated on Remembrance Day? ++ Dutch asylum system under scrutiny after suicide of Russian asylum seeker ++ Bomb attacks on Boston marathon in the spotlight. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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