Topic: National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA)

Changes On Stream: Internal Politics, Hunting Regulations and Schengen Area Negotiations

Romania, 11 Sep - 08 Oct 2016

Former Internal Affairs Minister Oprea resigns from Senate ++ Trophy hunt for several animals banned ++ Romania’s entrance in the Schengen area – reason to hope? by Alina Agafiţei
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Convictions of Political Big Shots and Tragic Losses in Natural Disaster

Romania, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2016

Central bank attempts to regain public trust by transparency initiative after conviction of former vice governor ++ Former Minister Oprea investigated in criminal court regarding murder trial ++ Romanian victims in the Amatrice earthquake receive compensation payment. by Alina Agafiţei
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“There is no silver bullet in fighting corruption in Romania”

Interview with anti-corruption expert Laura Ştefan - Romania - 03 Nov 2015

The anti-corruption crusade in Romania appears to be on overdrive. Yet however intense the rhythm of the Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), whatever number of cases opened, indictments made and sentences given, with every passing month a new circle of Dante’s hell is unveiled for the Romanian people. by Eva Chitul
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Death of a Policeman, Unpunished Crimes and Mismanagement – The Endless Column of Irresponsibility

Romania, 11 Oct - 14 Nov 2015

Dying in the name of…? ++ Let the miners come to me – unpunished crimes prosecuted after 25 years ++ Sisyphus’s highway to hell – the never-ending story of infrastructural mismanagement. by Eva Chitul
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Fighting Crime and Corruption in Romania: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Romania, 19 Jul - 15 Aug 2015

The Romanian Nuremberg trial ++ The 101st dalmation ++ How much is a life worth? Corruption in the public health system. by Eva Chitul
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Either You Go, or I Stay: President and PM Clash over Morality Issues and Policy-Making

Romania, 21 Jun - 18 Jul 2015

Prime minister’s Shakespearean dilemma: to resign or not to resign ++ It shall not pass: President Klaus Iohannis throws out the new Fiscal Code proposal on grounds of viability ++ Out of the crisis and the eurozone: “Romanian’s currency ten years from now, won’t be the euro”. by Lavinia Manea
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Romanian PM Ponta Charged With Forgery, Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

Romania, 24 May - 20 Jun 2015

Corruption allegations hit the Romanian government ++ Prince Charles sets up foundation to save Romania’s rural heritage ++ How would a possible “Grexit” influence Romania? by Flavian-Catalin Pah
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Greek tragedy is based on myth – and Romanian on corruption

Special Feature on Romania - Part III - Romania - 28 Apr 2015

Taking a closer look at Romania: from a highly inefficient justice system to the most recent Presidential elections and the hope of a genuine anti-corruption campaign. by Eva Chitul
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Setting the Romanian Scene

Special Feature on Romania - Part II of III - Romania - 21 Apr 2015

Setting the Romanian scene: from the Communist legacy, to the lights and shadows of the 1989 Revolution and the “Return to Europe”. by Eva Chitul
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