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Sweden Concerned About Future of EU and Country’s Security

Sweden, 06 Dec - 02 Jan 2017

Prime Minster Löfven strongly concerned about future of EU ++ Sweden to reintroduce compulsory military service ++ New year brings legal changes to Sweden. by Maciej Wilga
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French Regional Elections: Front National Loses To Moderates

FRANCE - ELECTIONS - France - 13 Dec 2015

Front National: From Cloud Nine to Rock Bottom in Regional Elections ++ Territorial Reform strengthens Regions by Constance-Elia Cochet
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Au Revoir Monsieur Le Pen – National Front Patriarch Loses Grip

France, 20 Apr - 18 May 2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen loses power struggle against his daughter ++ A history of female suffrage ++ François Hollande visits Cuba. by Matthieu Choblet
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Local Elections – Will the Far-Right Gain More Influence?

France, 23 Feb - 22 Mar 2015

Departmental elections put political system under stress ++ France granted two more years to comply with European budget rule ++ Tragic helicopter crash leaves ten dead ++ Alleged death of Bouygues’ CEO Martin Bouygues. by Matthieu Choblet
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Restless Sarkozy: Re-elected Party Head Promises to Unwind the Socialist Presidency

France, 20 Nov - 19 Dec 2014

Sarkozy head of party again, Socialists and National Front on the defensive ++ Shop openings and industry shut-downs ++ Violence and anti-Semitism. by Matthieu Choblet
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Once again: France descends into Chaos due to Railway Strike

France, 05 Jun - 18 Jun 2014

Railway employees on strike cripple the country ++ 70th D-Day anniversary assembles heads of state and government ++ Jean-Marie Le Pen stains his own party with anti-Semitic statement. by Catherine Grünewald
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Illegal Campaign Financing? Conservative Party under Pressure

France, 22 May - 04 Jun 2014

The Bygmalion case – party leader resigns ++ #EP2014 – French nationalist right wing party makes the highest score ++ The end of Alsace and other regions? ++ French man fires at the Jewish Museum in Brussels? by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke
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Municipal Elections: Nationalists on the rise after the first ballot

France, 13 Mar - 26 Mar 2014

Populists are popular while Hollande’s lack of public support hits the Left hard ++ Pollution: Grey skies over Paris ++ High politician shot down in Corsica. by Jenny Lindner
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Obama in Brussels: A Kingdom under the rule of a President

Belgium, 09 Mar - 27 Mar 2014

Obamania hits Belgium ++ Extreme-right parliamentarians take part in observation of Crimean referendum ++ 30km/h speed limit on cyclists: a lack or a shortage of rules? by Daan Fonck
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Every Year again... Racism Debate intensifies as Sinterklaas Celebration approaches

Netherlands, 05 Nov - 18 Nov 2013

The ‘Zwarte Piet debate’ – more intense than ever before ++ Ahead of 2014 European Parliament elections: Far-right parties unite against united Europe ++ Dutch wonder how they can help after devastating typhoon in the Philippines. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann
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The Rise of the Right, an expulsed Roma Girl & Relenting into Reforms

France, 06 Oct - 19 Oct 2013

Rise of the Right – French Nationalists Party Highest in Pole Ratings ++ Roma Girl hauled from School Bus and deported ++ Pension Reform Adopted. by Sabrina Hambloch
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New Approaches to Self-Defence and the long-avoided Far-right Party?

France, 08 Sep - 21 Sep 2013

Jeweller in Nice shoots burglar – 1,6 million support his case on Facebook ++ Former Prime Minister breaks with the taboo of supporting far-right party ++ Serbian government hires Dominique Strauss-Kahn as economic advisor. by Jenny Lindner
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