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Brexit and the Urgent Need for a Plan B

Guest commentary by Daniel Guéguen - 17 Jul 2016

Brexit, rightly seen as inadvisable, will turn out to be impossible both technically and politically. Far from destroying the EU, Brexit is a chance to relaunch it by creating a two-circle community: a circle based on Eurozone integration and a circle for the Single Market. Everyone would benefit from this. by Daniel Guéguen
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Education Reform: How France Wants to Abolish Bilingualism

France, 19 May - 15 Jun 2015

French protesting against Education Reform ++ Strauss-Kahn released following the Carlton affair trial ++ French border closed for immigrants ++ French Resistance heroes buried in Panthéon. by Katinka Koke
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Ironic Timing: Holocaust Movie Wins Award While Politicians Court Right-Wing Voters

Hungary, 10 May - 06 Jun 2015

Radical words: Jobbik’s success in polls raises far-right tendencies in PM Orbán’s policies ++ Death penalty and immigration: Hungary under increased international scrutiny ++ At the right time: Hungarian filmmaker moves Cannes with intense Holocaust movie. by Balázs Márton, Janina Rottmann, Robert Talo
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Local Elections – Will the Far-Right Gain More Influence?

France, 23 Feb - 22 Mar 2015

Departmental elections put political system under stress ++ France granted two more years to comply with European budget rule ++ Tragic helicopter crash leaves ten dead ++ Alleged death of Bouygues’ CEO Martin Bouygues. by Matthieu Choblet
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Bulgaria’s Political and Cultural Heritage

Bulgaria, 03 Sep - 16 Sep 2014

Parliamentary elections 2014 – preparations and discussions about vote buying ++ Kristalina Georgieva elected as Vice-President of Juncker’s EC cabinet ++ Plovdiv to be the European capital of culture in 2019. by Alice Greschkow
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The Brussels Game: Tusk for European Council, Bienkowska for Commission

Poland, 22 Aug - 04 Sep 2014

Polish Prime Minister Tusk to become the EU council president ++ Post-Tusk Poland in search for a new Prime Minister ++ Poland securing budget and finances portfolio in the Commission. by Maciej Wilga
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Bulgaria’s Government steps down-what's next?

Bulgaria, 09 Jul - 22 Jul 2014

Bulgarian government resigns ++ Banking crisis unresolved ++ Bulgaria does not get to nominate EU Commissioner. by Ivan Yanakiev
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Costa Concordia's successful but scandal-ridden Salvaging

Italy, 08 Jul - 04 Aug 2014

Costa Concordia will finally leave Giglio Island, Captain Schettino accepts a call by Rome University ++ Berlusconi absolved in ‘Rubygate’ ++ Italian Government against European partners over EU Commission post ++ The continuous struggle of Alitalia Airline. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò
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German-British Quarrels & the Revenge of a former President

Germany, 03 Jun - 16 Jun 2014

Juncker yes or no? Germany and Great Britain haggling over Presidency of European Commission ++ Book by the ex-president: Payday for Christian Wulff ++ Speleologist enclosed in more than 1000m depth. by Sandra Czech
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Socialists all down after EP Elections – Right-wing Politician a Russian Spy?

Hungary, 19 May - 01 Jun 2014

Hungarians unaffected by European Elections ++ Nightmare results for socialist party – party leader resigns ++ A right-wing EP representative spying for Russia? by Sonja Milchram
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Putin and Erdogan – two political “Bad Boys” in focus

Germany, 06 May - 19 May 2014

Persona non grata? Turkish Prime Minister is facing trouble at home and abroad ++ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: What is Vladimir Putin up to? ++ TV debate Juncker vs. Schulz – European election campaign comes to an end ++ Germany celebrates with Conchita Wurst.
by Daniel Rätz
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South Stream Pipeline: European Commission expresses its deep Concerns

Bulgaria, 16 Apr - 29 Apr 2014

Bulgaria’s feint of European energy legislation ++ A dubious Bulgarian businessman to enter the European Parliament? ++ Welcome to Bulgaria, Mr. Juncker & Mr. Schulz! by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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Health care and EU debated, First King's Day celebrated

Netherlands, 12 Apr - 25 Apr 2014

Happy first King's Day for Wilhelm Alexander ++ Major health care reform sparks controversy ++ Lead candidates for EU elections meet for first debate in Maastricht.
by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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The Verdict: Uli Hoeness sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison!

Germany, 25 Feb - 13 Mar 2014

Bayern Munich’s Uli Hoeness convicted for tax fraud ++ European elections countdown: German Constitutional Court overturns 3% threshold ++ Key figure Angela Merkel – Germany’s approach to the Crimean crisis. by Katharina Winter
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