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Szydlo, Duda, Kaczynski and the Plunging Gap in Polish Society

Poland, 28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

Government party PiS keeps on dividing media and society ++ Sadness after attacks in Brussels ++ Charity Orchestra WOSP 2016 reaches new record. by Lukas Plewnia
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The Solidarity Icon Lech Walesa Again Attacked

Poland, 31 Jan - 27 Feb 2016

Dispute about Lech Walesa ++ The 100 days of Law and Justice ++ Criminal case from Warsaw ends in Malta. by Dorota Redzikowska
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Presidential Elections ahead while Poland Commemorates its Past

Poland, 01 Apr - 30 Apr 2015

Who's going to be Poland's next president? ++ Former politician, publicist and historian Wladyslaw Bartoszewski dies at 93 ++ 5th anniversary of the plane disaster at Smolensk ++ President ratifies Istanbul Convention. by Dorota Redzikowska
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Gas Supply, War in Ukraine, Nuclear Energy - Putin's Long Shadow over Orbán's Policies

Hungary, 15 Feb - 14 Mar 2015

Putin’s visit to Budapest remains low-key ++ Poland astonished by Putin’s visit to Hungary ++ Secretive nuclear deal with Russia runs into trouble with the EU. by Balázs Márton, Bálint Sedlmayr, Robert Talo
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Now, from Then to Tomorrow: Poland Busy on Several Fronts

Poland, 17 Oct - 30 Oct 2014

Controversy over the former Polish foreign minister ++ Jewish museum opened in the heart of Warsaw ++ Komorowski for a new NATO strategy. by Maciej Wilga
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After successful EP Elections: Joined Forces on the Political Right?

Poland, 27 Jun - 10 Jul 2014

Coalition of ultra-conservative Parties incoming? ++ Denied abortion: Doctor in distress ++ Heaviest aviation accident in recent years. by Lukas Plewnia
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Tusk wins EP Elections – close Race, weak Turnout

Poland, 16 May - 29 May 2014

European elections in Poland – winners and losers ++ Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Italy ++ Wojciech Jaruzelski, key player of the communist era, is dead.
by Dorota Redzikowska
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Kaczynski’s Way: Political Differences over Approach towards Ukraine

Poland, 25 Nov - 08 Dec 2013

Polish disagreements over the way to help Ukraine ++ Gowin’s next step: emergence of a new party at the political centre ++ Cyclone Bodil a.k.a. ‘Xavery’ raging over Poland by Maciej Wilga
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Busy Times for Tusk: Radical Changes & assumed Corruption within Government

Poland, 11 Nov - 24 Nov 2013

Radical changes – big cabinet reshuffle ++ Independence Day: time for nationalism ++ Corruption scandal: prosecutors investigate. by Lukas Plewnia
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School for Six-year-olds? Parents vs. Government

Poland, 05 Aug - 18 Aug 2013

Parents rebelling against early school enrolment ++ Catholic TV Station eager to finally get digital ++ Andrzej Lepper: Anniversary of a tragic death. by Lukas Plewnia
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Tusk and his Government Struggle for Approval

Poland, 24 Jun - 07 Jul 2013

Bad polls: Downfall of Prime Minister Tusk? ++ Revolution in the pension system? ++ Catholic TV channel goes digital. by Lukas Plewnia
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The Smolensk Disaster – Three Years later

Poland, 01 Apr - 14 Apr 2013

Still mourning and political struggles about airplane crash of 2010 ++ Debate about lowering the age for school enrollment ++ Poles hope for quick abolition of visa requirements for the USA by Lukas Plewnia
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The Kaczynski-Show – No-Confidence Vote with Tablet PC

Poland, 04 Mar - 17 Mar 2013

Government withstands political showdown in the parliament ++ Poland moved by the new Pope Francis ++ Polish airline LOT - A new chance for the Dreamliner? by Lukas Plewnia
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Mourning for the Kaczynski’s Mother

Poland, 07 Jan - 20 Jan 2013

Jadwiga Kaczynska is dead ++ Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Poland donates ++ New accusations against the Supreme Court by Lukas Plewnia
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Peasant Party Finally Presents New Vice Prime Minister

Poland, 26 Nov - 09 Dec 2012

PSL sends its new leader – office taken by Piechocinski ++ Spy affair in Poland – daily soap in the parliament ++ Worldview questions at the center – Polish society deeply divided by Lukas Plewnia
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The Opposition Strikes Back

Poland, 01 Oct - 14 Oct 2012

Piotr Glinski – The new Prime Minister? ++ Motion of no-confidence finally fails ++ Abortion debate continues by Markus Bingel
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Polish TV on Its Last Legs

Poland, 03 Sep - 16 Sep 2012

PiS partys presents big plans for the future ++ Tragic accident of Polish bus in France ++ Paralympic Games – a success only for the athletes ++ Polish public television in deep crisis. by Markus Bingel
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Amber Gold, Amber Gold, Amber Gold – No End in Sight

Poland, 20 Aug - 02 Sep 2012

Summer holidays end – Amber Gold comes ++ Kora goes astray – marihuana: law and order ++ Catholic media – digital TV, church and the President. by Lukas Plewnia
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The End for the Polish team on EURO 2012 – and what now?

Poland, 11 Jun - 24 Jun 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 – the day after in Poland ++ No war on the street – the Russian gentle wind pased through Warsaw ++ General Slawomir Petelicki – an unexpected suicide. by Lukas Plewnia
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Ukraine and the Dark Side of the EURO 2012

Poland, 30 Apr - 13 May 2012

Consternation about Treatment of Tymoshenko in Ukraine ++ Some Scepticism towards Poland’s Ability of Hosting the EURO 2012 ++ No Stronger Cooperation on the Political Left ++ Protests Against Extension of Retirement Age. by Markus Bingel
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Football legend Lato faces accusations

Poland, 28 Nov - 11 Dec 2011

War inside and over Polish Football Association ++ Poles think that European Union could fall apart soon ++ Vatican condemns conservatives' idea of restoring death penalty. by Maria Szpilarewicz-Miszczak
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