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Keep Calm and Carry on – How Germany Deals with Terrorist Attacks

Germany, 06 Jul - 02 Aug 2016

A week of horror – four attacks in just 6 days ++ Keep calm and carry on ++ Is the media overstrained? ++ No chance for right-wing populists. by Eike Hortsch
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Russia, IS, Car Toll: External Security Challenges and Internal Quarrels

Germany, 26 Aug - 08 Sep 2014

75 years after WWII: Gauck accuses Russia of imperilling stability in Europe ++ Parliament supports military aid against IS ++ Discussion over car toll causes friction among Conservatives ++ Highlights and lowlights for the football national team. by Peter Sawicki
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EP Elections, Football and the Turkish PM – No Winners in Germany

Germany, 20 May - 02 Jun 2014

European Elections: Everything will stay the same ++ All quiet on the western front – NSA surveillance investigations in Germany ++ Injuries and accidents – national team prepares for football World Cup under difficult circumstances ++ Erdoğan in Cologne: Turkish politics divide Germany. by Eike Hortsch
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Child Porn Allegations against former MP put a strain on Grand Coalition

Germany, 11 Feb - 24 Feb 2014

The ‘Edathy Affair’ – a stress test for the governing parties ++ Winter Olympics end with national disappointment ++ Huge Public attention to Ukraine’s troubles. by Sandra Czech
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Debate on Poverty Migration, Respect for a Coming-Out and Concern about Schumacher

Germany, 17 Dec - 13 Jan 2014

CSU sparks discussion about poverty migration in Germany ++ Germany fears for the life of its racing idol Michael Schumacher ++ Breaking a taboo: Former football star admits to being homosexual ++ A shady deal? Top-level politician will take over well-paid executive job. by Daniel Rätz
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The Bavarian Landtag election – an omen for the election of the Bundestag?

Germany, 06 Sep - 19 Sep 2013

Final days of general election campaign: Conservatives retake Bavaria – Liberals, SPD and Greens go through tough times ++ Swimming courses in “Burkini”: Muslim girls must attend sports classes ++ Germany bemoans deaths of literature critic and popular actor. by Katharina Winter
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All Eyes on Munich, Bavaria: Football, Taxes, Courts & Politics

Germany, 19 Apr - 17 May 2013

Case of Bayern president Hoeness heats up tax fraud debate ++ Highly anticipated NSU terrorism trial starts with flood of petitions ++ Disbelief about Bavarian nepotism scandal. by Christian Grünewald
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Germany’s Favourite Obama Wins Second Term

Germany, 24 Oct - 06 Nov 2012

US election outcome closely watched – and highly appreciated ++ Government parties struggle for controversial bills ++ Broadcaster reveals attempted manipulation by Bavarian conservatives. by Christian Grünewald
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Several little scandals by-passing political summer recess

Germany, 04 Jul - 17 Jul 2012

Dissatisfaction with renewed registration law ++ Internal dispute in the Ministry for Families revealed ++ Bavaria doesn’t want to pay any longer ++ Germany's “Summer Tale 2006” - result of bribery? by Eik-Sören Scholz
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