Topic: Guy Verhofstadt

Health care and EU debated, First King's Day celebrated

Netherlands, 12 Apr - 25 Apr 2014

Happy first King's Day for Wilhelm Alexander ++ Major health care reform sparks controversy ++ Lead candidates for EU elections meet for first debate in Maastricht.
by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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Verhofstadt vs. Rehn – ‘Mr. Europe’ candidates again

Belgium, 09 Jan - 22 Jan 2014

Guy Verhofstadt named the liberal top candidate for the European elections ++ No government, no cry? How a political standstill can have its merits ++ France forces minister to make U-turn on salaries of Dexia directors. by Daan Fonck
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Explosive Opinions on Belgians’ Capital

Belgium, 07 Dec - 08 Jan 2014

Shooting in Brussels opens capital’s debate ++ Election fever is rising ++ Firework disaster avoided ++ Bomb from WWII put a spanner in the works on Christmas Eve. by Lauren Heeffer
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