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World Leaders Met at G7 Summit in Germany – An Useless Event?

Germany, 13 May - 09 Jun 2015

Expensive and useless? G7 Summit heavily criticised in many respects ++ It’s not a big deal – is it? by Daniel Rätz, Lisa Heinemann
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Poland Wins First Ever Oscar for Best Foreign Film

Poland, 01 Feb - 28 Feb 2015

“Ida” wins Academy Award – and sparks criticism at home ++ Poland on the road to the green energy? ++ Presidential campaign officially started. by Monika Kostecka
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French Environmentalist Dies Under Suspicious Cirmsumstances

France, 23 Oct - 05 Nov 2014

Uncertain death of an environmentalist shocks France ++ Mysterious Drones fly over nuclear power stations ++ 10th anniversary of transatlantic regatta. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Gay Rights, Greenpeace, arrested Diplomats – Tough Times for Dutch-Russian Relations

Netherlands, 08 Oct - 21 Oct 2013

Tensions flare during the year of Dutch-Russian friendship ++ After long negotiations: Opposition and trade unions agree with government’s budget proposal ++ The 400 dead of Lampedusa lead to debate on EU’s strategy on migration. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann
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Dutch revisit Pim Fortuyn's Murder and its consequential Change of Politics

Netherlands, 24 Sep - 07 Oct 2013

Request for probation of Pim Fortuyn's murderer sparks new controversy ++ Government open to negotiate budget proposals with opposition ++ Dutch-Russian relations in troubled waters as crew of Greenpeace ship gets arrested ++ US government shut-down also affects the Netherlands. by Kirsten Lucas
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