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France Suffers Renewed Terrorist Attack

France, 15 Jun - 14 Jul 2016

Attacks spark new debate on national security ++ Labour Market reform passed at a high cost ++ Euro 2016: No happy ending for “les bleus”. by Matthieu Choblet
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‘Up All Night’ – Movement against Labour Market Reforms Grows Quickly

France, 23 Mar - 17 May 2016

Labour Market Reforms fire up the French ++ Minister of Economy founds own movement ++ ‘The Belly of Paris’ gets a new golden roof. by Catherine Grünewald, Ina Berger
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Paris Attackers Arrested – Possible Connections to Brussels Bombings

France, 24 Feb - 22 Mar 2016

Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam arrested – alleged ties to Brussels attacks ++ Saudi Arabian prince receives highest national award. by Katinka Koke
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‘War On Terror’ Included in Constitution

France, 28 Jan - 23 Feb 2016

100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun – new memorial for united remembrance ++ Withdrawal of citizenship splits Parliament – Minister of Justice resigns ++ Attractive France: Remission of tax should lure film productions ++ Eagles of Death Metal – First concert after Paris attacks. by Sabrina Hambloch
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National State of Emergency and Dual Nationality Discussion Divide the French

France, 30 Dec - 27 Jan 2016

Deprivation of dual nationality for terrorists divides French politicians ++ Government considers new extension of National State of Emergency ++ Clinical trial accident: One person dies during drug tests. by Ina Berger
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French Regional Elections: Front National Loses To Moderates

FRANCE - ELECTIONS - France - 13 Dec 2015

Front National: From Cloud Nine to Rock Bottom in Regional Elections ++ Territorial Reform strengthens Regions by Constance-Elia Cochet
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Depraved Suburbs & Dashed Politics in the Regions: Tensions Everywhere

France, 06 Oct - 02 Nov 2015

Riots in suburbia: ten years on ++ Another shift to the right ++ Regional elections lie ahead. by Matthieu Choblet
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French Politics Struggle to Combine Optimism and Pragmatism

France, 08 Sep - 05 Oct 2015

Can France be optimistic about its budget for 2016? ++ Is the French civil service statute “no longer justifiable”? ++ Comeback time for Nicolas Sarkozy – still. by Constance-Elia Cochet
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Popular Satire Show Banned from Free-to-Air TV

France, 14 Jul - 10 Aug 2015

TV show ‘Les Guignols’: Are the buffoons being muzzled? ++ Hollande’s ideas for France and Europe flouted by opposition ++ Cattle breeders protest against low meat prices by Matthieu Choblet
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A Safe Way Back Home? – France Takes Measures to Protect Women

France, 16 Jun - 13 Jul 2015

French government establishes measures against sexual harassment on public transport ++ Déjà-vu: French taxi drivers on strike against private competition once more ++ Greek debt crisis: French government aims to keep Greece inside the Eurozone. by Ina Berger
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Education Reform: How France Wants to Abolish Bilingualism

France, 19 May - 15 Jun 2015

French protesting against Education Reform ++ Strauss-Kahn released following the Carlton affair trial ++ French border closed for immigrants ++ French Resistance heroes buried in Panthéon. by Katinka Koke
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Au Revoir Monsieur Le Pen – National Front Patriarch Loses Grip

France, 20 Apr - 18 May 2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen loses power struggle against his daughter ++ A history of female suffrage ++ François Hollande visits Cuba. by Matthieu Choblet
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Local Elections – Will the Far-Right Gain More Influence?

France, 23 Feb - 22 Mar 2015

Departmental elections put political system under stress ++ France granted two more years to comply with European budget rule ++ Tragic helicopter crash leaves ten dead ++ Alleged death of Bouygues’ CEO Martin Bouygues. by Matthieu Choblet
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French Government Bulldozes Way for Economic Reforms

France, 26 Jan - 22 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Valls forces Loi Macron through ++ National film Award César celebrated for the 40th time ++ Franco-German peace efforts still in danger. by Sabrina Hambloch
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New Talks in Minsk, New Faces in Greece – Will It Change Anything?

Germany, 21 Jan - 17 Feb 2015

A new peace initiative and a sleepless chancellor ++ New government, old problem – Greece and the Euro crisis ++ New leaders using old enemy images ++ Former German President Richard von Weizsäcker dies. by Eike Hortsch
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Je Suis Charlie! – France Cut To the Quick

France - 18 Jan 2015

Shootings at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ++ freedom of expression badly hurt ++ Europeans and people all over the world under shock. by Katinka Koke
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Restless Sarkozy: Re-elected Party Head Promises to Unwind the Socialist Presidency

France, 20 Nov - 19 Dec 2014

Sarkozy head of party again, Socialists and National Front on the defensive ++ Shop openings and industry shut-downs ++ Violence and anti-Semitism. by Matthieu Choblet
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French Environmentalist Dies Under Suspicious Cirmsumstances

France, 23 Oct - 05 Nov 2014

Uncertain death of an environmentalist shocks France ++ Mysterious Drones fly over nuclear power stations ++ 10th anniversary of transatlantic regatta. by Sabrina Hambloch
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France a Nobel Laureate and yet in Decline?

France, 09 Oct - 22 Oct 2014

Government reforms: just courtesy or simply the right thing? ++ Nobel Prize surprise for Frenchmen ++ Right-wing intellectual in doubt about French virility. by Matthieu Choblet
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Ministers’ Rebellion leads to Government Reshuffle

France, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2014

Government reshuffle in midst of ongoing political trouble ++ President’s ex publishes nasty accusations ++ Freed hostages identify their tormentor. by Matthieu Choblet
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Flight MH17 and War in Eastern Ukraine still Preoccupy the Dutch

Netherlands, 03 Aug - 15 Aug 2014

MH17 – investigations are terminated but the country does not forget ++ Dutch worry for Iraqi refugees ++ From the perspective of a neutral observer: Dutch remember the WWI. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann
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'One Hundred' – A Number Produces Headlines in Germany

Germany, 22 Jul - 11 Aug 2014

Ecclestone trail: A deal for one hundred million ++ World War One: One hundred years anniversary ++ No arms for Russia: One hundred loss for German company ++ Turkish presidential elections. by Eike Hortsch
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France shaken by War at Gaza Strip and Plane Crash in Africa

France, 17 Jul - 30 Jul 2014

pro-Palestinian protests in Paris banned ++ France in a state of shock after plane crash in Mali ++ Jérôme Kerviel’s detention: a never-ending story. by Catherine Grünewald, Katinka Koke
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Once again: France descends into Chaos due to Railway Strike

France, 05 Jun - 18 Jun 2014

Railway employees on strike cripple the country ++ 70th D-Day anniversary assembles heads of state and government ++ Jean-Marie Le Pen stains his own party with anti-Semitic statement. by Catherine Grünewald
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Illegal Campaign Financing? Conservative Party under Pressure

France, 22 May - 04 Jun 2014

The Bygmalion case – party leader resigns ++ #EP2014 – French nationalist right wing party makes the highest score ++ The end of Alsace and other regions? ++ French man fires at the Jewish Museum in Brussels? by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke
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Two-year Anniversary of Presidency: Hollande seeks to regain Popularity

France, 24 Apr - 07 May 2014

Controversial reactions to President Hollande’s TV interview ++ Who will get Alstom? General Electric and Siemens compete for French company’s energy branch ++ Reopening of the Picasso Museum delayed. by Ina Berger
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Kidnapped French Journalists freed after ten Months in Syria

France, 10 Apr - 23 Apr 2014

Back in France: Journalists released from captivity ++ 50 billion austerity programme: France's way towards Brussels ++ Thousands for Reunification of Brittany. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Manuel Valls emerges victorious from Municipal Elections

France, 27 Mar - 09 Apr 2014

Election results mark a turn to the right ++ Death of an ogre: Jacques Le Goff passed away ++ Rwandan genocide: France not prepared to ‘face the truth’? by Matthieu Choblet
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Municipal Elections: Nationalists on the rise after the first ballot

France, 13 Mar - 26 Mar 2014

Populists are popular while Hollande’s lack of public support hits the Left hard ++ Pollution: Grey skies over Paris ++ High politician shot down in Corsica. by Jenny Lindner
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New Entries in the Panthéon – France pays Tribute to her Female Heroes

France, 13 Feb - 26 Feb 2014

French government honours heroes of the Resistance ++ Strong resistance of airport opponents ++ Former mayor and tycoon in custody over vote-buying. by Matthieu Choblet
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President Hollande (literally) on Everyone’s Lips?

France, 16 Jan - 29 Jan 2014

Hollande – Gayet: France’s National Fling ++ ‘Day of Fury’: Demonstration against President Hollande’s politics ++ Draft Law promotes gender equality in France ++ Liberal Hollande? – Concessions to employers in return for more jobs. by Katinka Koke, Sabrina Hambloch
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Notorious Comedian’s Gesture sparks Debate on Freedom of Speech

France, 15 Dec - 15 Jan 2014

La quenelle: the “obscene clowning of a pitiful buffoon” ++ Heavy storms in Brittany – again ++ President Hollande’s New Year’s resolution. by Matthieu Choblet
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The Comeback of ‘Francafrique’?

France, 01 Dec - 14 Dec 2013

Conflict in Central African Republic: the comeback of ‘Francafrique’? ++ France debates penalisation of prostitutes’ clients ++ Battle on low cost internet ++ Reforming France: mission impossible? by Anne-Sophie Gerst
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The abandoned Baby on the Beach – only one Reason for Concern

France, 17 Nov - 30 Nov 2013

Little girl left to die on the beach ++ Hostilities towards satirical newspaper … again ++ French Footballers go to Rio – and on strike? ++ Suspension of the eco-tax is not enough ++ CEO of Peugeot Citroën renounces his pension. by Catherine Grünewald
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Furious French: Angry Teachers, Racist Attacks and Protests against Hollande

France, 03 Nov - 16 Nov 2013

Racist attacks on Minister of Justice ++ Teachers on strike against school reform ++ Hollande booed at celebrations commemorating the end of the WWI ++ News about French hostages in Africa. by Jenny Lindner
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‘Red Caps’ defend their Jobs & ‘343 Bastards’ claim Right to Prostitution

France, 20 Oct - 02 Nov 2013

Government forced to suspend new ‘eco-tax’ ++ French hostages freed after three years in Niger ++ ‘343 bastards’ defend their right to visit prostitutes. by Ina Berger
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The Rise of the Right, an expulsed Roma Girl & Relenting into Reforms

France, 06 Oct - 19 Oct 2013

Rise of the Right – French Nationalists Party Highest in Pole Ratings ++ Roma Girl hauled from School Bus and deported ++ Pension Reform Adopted. by Sabrina Hambloch
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French Government Launches Reforms for Young and Old

France, 25 Aug - 07 Sep 2013

The government effectuates sensitive reforms ++ Syria: France and the US act in concert ++ The carcinogenic electronic cigarette ++ Comeback of French humorist as TV presenter ++ German President visits French site of Nazi massacre. by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke
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Duel or Duet? Bundestag Campaign off to a Slow Start

Germany, 24 Aug - 05 Sep 2013

The race for the German Chancellery has begun! Somewhat ++ Campaign part II: No clear positions on the Syrian conflict ++ President Joachim Gauck in France: An act of reconciliation between France and Germany. by Benno Gross
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Holiday Season Troubled by a Robbery and a Suicide

France, 28 Jul - 10 Aug 2013

France experiences one of the world’s biggest robberies ++ “Forbearance is not acquittance” – Justice Minister defends release of delinquents ++ Family drama – Father commits suicide ++ Is the President on holiday this summer? ++ France lucky new world champion in men’s swim relay. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Qatari Predominance, Cultural Issues and a Political Comeback?

France, 16 Jun - 13 Jul 2013

Qatari-owned buildings in Paris in the spotlight ++ Free trade treaty negotiations with the USA – France prevails over Barroso ++ Ecology Minister gets fired for criticising government’s budget restrictions ++ Financial issues in the centre-right party: is former President Sarkozy coming back to politics? by Catherine Grünewald
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Once Again: the French Take a Stand for Their Language

France, 13 May - 26 May 2013

In English, please! Is the French language endangered? ++ Paris and Toulon dominate sporting events ++ The Golden Palm in Cannes is "Blue" this year. by Catherine Grünewald
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L’Amour Toujours? Gay’s Joy & German Resentments

France, 15 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

Homosexual marriage finally ratified ++ Assets of all ministers revealed ++ Attacks against Merkel: Socialists provoke Franco-German trouble. by Sabrina Hambloch
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New International Airport of Berlin Causes Trouble

Germany, 02 Jan - 16 Jan 2013

Endless trouble over new airport in Berlin (BER)++ France sends troops to Mali, Germany declares support ++ All parties are preparing for the state elections of Lower Saxony ++ Christian and Bettina Wulff’s broken love. by Eik-Sören Scholz
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“Greece vs. Germany” - All Over the Place?

Germany, 04 Jun - 19 Jun 2012

Short Relief after Election in Greece, but Nothing All-clear in the Debt crisis ++ German Group Winners Face Highly Motivated Greeks at the EURO 2012 ++ Embarrassment for Government through Failed Child Care Bill ++ Massive Crackdown on Biker Gangs. by Christian Grünewald
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Various Elections Put the Chancellor Under Pressure

Germany, 07 May - 20 May 2012

Election in North Rhine-Westphalia Strengthens Opposition ++ Merkel's trouble with France and Greece ++ Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin Hit Rock Bottom, Football Violence in Debate by Eik-Sören Scholz
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From Merkozy to Merkollande?

Germany, 23 Apr - 08 May 2012

French Elections Questioning European Debt Policy ++ Debate about a Political Boycott of Football Championship in Ukraine ++ Pirate Party Holds Conference and Succeeds in another State Election. by Saskia Ries
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