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Article 50: What actually is it and what happens now?

United Kingdom - Analysis - UK - 14 Apr 2017

Nine months after the Brexit vote, the UK has triggered Article 50. But what actually is Article 50, and what happens now? by Daniel Walker
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Sweden Concerned About Future of EU and Country’s Security

Sweden, 06 Dec - 02 Jan 2017

Prime Minster Löfven strongly concerned about future of EU ++ Sweden to reintroduce compulsory military service ++ New year brings legal changes to Sweden. by Maciej Wilga
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Changes On Stream: Internal Politics, Hunting Regulations and Schengen Area Negotiations

Romania, 11 Sep - 08 Oct 2016

Former Internal Affairs Minister Oprea resigns from Senate ++ Trophy hunt for several animals banned ++ Romania’s entrance in the Schengen area – reason to hope? by Alina Agafiţei
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The British Parties’ Internal Battles after Brexit Vote – PM May Victorious, Corbyn Struggles

UK, 26 Jun - 24 Jul 2016

Labour: Corbyn vs. Owen and the struggle for supremacy ++ Tory: New PM Theresa May wins conservative leadership race ++ Party leadership contests explained. by Alex Braley
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Unlimited Shame or Glorious Victory – Britain Divided Over Brexit

UK - Special BREXIT - UK - 23 Jun 2016

Brexit – The Results ++ UK Politics in Turmoil ++ What’s Next? – A commentary. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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Khan, Boris – New Mayor of London Takes Office, Old One Advocates BREXIT

UK, 01 May - 28 May 2016

London Has a New Mayor: Sadiq Khan Is Triumphant ++ Boris Johnson compares EU to Nazi super state as BREXIT debate heats up. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck
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What does the Dutch 'No' on the EU-Ukraine Association Treaty Mean?

Special - Netherlands - 06 Apr 2016

Why a referendum in a representative democracy? ++ Who organised the referendum and what was it really about? ++ Will there be future referendums? by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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A Bittersweet March in Romania: United For Culture Whilst Divided By Fear

Romania, 28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

The terrorist attacks in Brussels – how was the view from Romania? ++ In loving memory of smoking – Romania joins 17 EU countries in banning smoking in public areas ++ Cuminţenia pământului – a means to trigger national consciousness? by Eva Chitul
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Immigration Is Still The Hot Potato in Hungary

Hungary, 05 Jul - 01 Aug 2015

Full steam ahead for anti-immigration measures ++ Orbán: the EU is a “remarkable success as it is” ++ Will Budapest host the 2024 Olympic Games? ++ Uber vs. taxi drivers: Hungary edition. by Balázs Márton
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Ironic Timing: Holocaust Movie Wins Award While Politicians Court Right-Wing Voters

Hungary, 10 May - 06 Jun 2015

Radical words: Jobbik’s success in polls raises far-right tendencies in PM Orbán’s policies ++ Death penalty and immigration: Hungary under increased international scrutiny ++ At the right time: Hungarian filmmaker moves Cannes with intense Holocaust movie. by Balázs Márton, Janina Rottmann, Robert Talo
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Greek tragedy is based on myth – and Romanian on corruption

Special Feature on Romania - Part III - Romania - 28 Apr 2015

Taking a closer look at Romania: from a highly inefficient justice system to the most recent Presidential elections and the hope of a genuine anti-corruption campaign. by Eva Chitul
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Setting the Romanian Scene

Special Feature on Romania - Part II of III - Romania - 21 Apr 2015

Setting the Romanian scene: from the Communist legacy, to the lights and shadows of the 1989 Revolution and the “Return to Europe”. by Eva Chitul
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Sweden Welcomes Female Leader for its Christian Democratic Party

Sweden, 31 Mar - 27 Apr 2015

Female leader for Christian Democrats ++ Swedes support Angela Merkel’s idea on renewed asylum system ++ Swedish hostages set free in Syria. by Sarah Onkels
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“Dawn of the Assets Declarations”: A civil society initiative for transparency

Hungary - 09 Mar 2015

The tool of Assets Declarations exists in legislation to grant the public an insight into what Politicians own and how they have acquired those assets. A civil group has now decided to do what the government refuses to: transferring the declarations into a searchable, digital database. by Bálint Sedlmayr
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Local Elections – Will the Far-Right Gain More Influence?

France, 23 Feb - 22 Mar 2015

Departmental elections put political system under stress ++ France granted two more years to comply with European budget rule ++ Tragic helicopter crash leaves ten dead ++ Alleged death of Bouygues’ CEO Martin Bouygues. by Matthieu Choblet
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Britain and Europe – a mere Partnership of Convenience?

Special Feature on the UK - Part III - UK - 20 Feb 2015

Today’s shape of a united Europe wouldn’t have been possible without influential reflections of some British thinkers. Yet as Britain’s current relationship with its fellow EU member states is as strained as never before, the traditionalists’ ever-present dream of a “life outside the European Union” may become a serious option in the nearest future. by Peter Sawicki
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Gas Supply, War in Ukraine, Nuclear Energy - Putin's Long Shadow over Orbán's Policies

Hungary, 15 Feb - 14 Mar 2015

Putin’s visit to Budapest remains low-key ++ Poland astonished by Putin’s visit to Hungary ++ Secretive nuclear deal with Russia runs into trouble with the EU. by Balázs Márton, Bálint Sedlmayr, Robert Talo
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New Kids in Town Challenge the Old Party System: Two-Party-Politics in the UK – Gone for Good?

Special Feature on the UK - Part I of III - UK - 03 Feb 2015

The United Kingdom is one of the oldest western democracies. Its “Westminster Model” was a role model for younger democracies everywhere in the world. Two-party-politics have been a defining feature of the system. However, recent developments in The UK have witnessed the upsurge of new political powers, challenging the old party system. The General Elections in May promise to be exciting as never before. by Robin Dyck
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The ‘Alternative for Germany’ – no Alternative for Merkel?

Germany - Analysis - Germany - 06 Oct 2014

Conservatives or right-wing populists? The rise of the new party AfD brings Merkel's CDU in trouble. by Daniel Rätz
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Europe's Shame - Migrant Tragedy in Mediterranean Sea continues

Italy, 02 Sep - 30 Sep 2014

Migrant boat tragedies: another 700 drowned in Mediterranean++ One Marine back home from Indian prison ++ Italy discussing gay marriage. by Federica Patalano, Silvia Favasuli
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The Brussels Game: Tusk for European Council, Bienkowska for Commission

Poland, 22 Aug - 04 Sep 2014

Polish Prime Minister Tusk to become the EU council president ++ Post-Tusk Poland in search for a new Prime Minister ++ Poland securing budget and finances portfolio in the Commission. by Maciej Wilga
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'May I introduce...?' Federica Mogherini – Europe's new diplomatic Figurehead

Italy, 19 Aug - 01 Sep 2014

Italian Mogherini is the new EU 'Foreign Minister' ++ Renzi’s one-thousand-daysplan ++ The competition for the Golden Lion in the city on the lagoon ++ Italian government still kept busy by the fate of two marines. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò
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'One Hundred' – A Number Produces Headlines in Germany

Germany, 22 Jul - 11 Aug 2014

Ecclestone trail: A deal for one hundred million ++ World War One: One hundred years anniversary ++ No arms for Russia: One hundred loss for German company ++ Turkish presidential elections. by Eike Hortsch
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Dutch Frustration over Difficulties to reach Ukrainian Crash Site

Netherlands, 19 Jul - 02 Aug 2014

Dutch experts unable to reach Ukrainian crash site ++ Aruba releases Venezuelan ex-general sought by US over drugs ++ New sanctions on Russia by EU and US. by Kirsten Lucas
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Ska Keller: ‘We have to tell the people why European decisions matter’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by
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Philippe Juvin: ‘We need new generations to become fully involved in the European idea’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by
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Martin Schulz: ‘Europeans want a choice in how their institutions are run’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by
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Dutch Authorities unsettled by rising Violence between Biker Gangs

Netherlands, 26 Apr - 09 May 2014

Justice Minister wants joint action to combat biker gangs ++ Children’s ombudsman calls child amnesty rules ‘idiotic’ ++ Deputy Prime Minister calls to stop unfair competition of workers across EU. by Kirsten Lucas
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Prime Minister Orbán builds Occupation Memorial – and his ‘personal’ Football Stadium

Hungary, 21 Apr - 04 May 2014

Debated German occupation memorial erected, March of the Living arrives Budapest ++ Pancho Arena – A football stadium for the Prime Minister? ++ Hungary ‘celebrates’ 10 year membership in the EU. by Sonja Milchram
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Two Teams, one City: Spain in gleeful Anticipation of Iberic Champions League Final

Spain, 13 Apr - 10 May 2014

Atlético and Real Madrid to meet in the first ever Champions League final derby ++ Conservative Politician killed in northern Spain ++ European Election trends: high-level approval for European Union ++ F.C. Barcelona in mourning for Tito Vilanova. by Hannah Lütkenhaus, Marco Just Quiles, Marília Ferreira da Cunha
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Sweden before Elections – for the European Parliament and at Home

Sweden, 22 Mar - 04 Apr 2014

Swedes sceptical about the EU before the EP elections ++ National elections in full swing ++ Sweden in grief after murder of a football supporter. by Maciej Wilga
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From Friends to Enemies? Germany's new Russia Policy

Germany, 11 Mar - 24 Mar 2014

The Crimean conflict and Germany's new position on Russia ++ From hero to zero – The sensational fall of Uli Hoeness ++ What happened to Flight MH370? ++ Approval by Federal Constitutional Court: Germany now officially part of ESM. by Eike Hortsch
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Obama meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

Italy, 03 Mar - 30 Mar 2014

Obama in Italy: Meetings with Pope Francis and Premier Renzi ++ Prime Minister Renzi sets the agenda for reform ++ Nun on TV casting show: 'like the devil and holy water'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic
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The 2014 Winter Olympics – a Dutch Speed Skating Dream

Netherlands, 15 Feb - 28 Feb 2014

Dutch stars of the Olympic Winter Games are welcomed home with large celebrations ++ Crisis in Ukraine – what does Europe do to help? ++ After the release of Benno L. – Dutch debate where a convicted pedophile can live. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann
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Country Special: Spain in Europe, Europe in Spain

Spain, 03 Jan - 03 Jan 2014

The Historic Dimension ++ Spain Today ++ Lessons for Europe?
by Marco Just Quiles
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Freedom of Movement in the EU: Bulgaria in Uproar over Poverty Migration Debate

Bulgaria, 06 Dec - 06 Jan 2014

No migration restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians – the Bulgarians` point of view ++ On the Eve of the European Parliamentary Elections - Bulgarian’s Right Wing needs to be ‘Reloaded’ ++ A quarter million Bulgarians depend on financial support to pay energy bills. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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Kaczynski’s Way: Political Differences over Approach towards Ukraine

Poland, 25 Nov - 08 Dec 2013

Polish disagreements over the way to help Ukraine ++ Gowin’s next step: emergence of a new party at the political centre ++ Cyclone Bodil a.k.a. ‘Xavery’ raging over Poland by Maciej Wilga
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Ashes to Ashes? Or how to bury the War Criminal Erich Priebke

Italy, 10 Oct - 23 Oct 2013

Debate on funeral of former SS officer Erich Priebke ++ Berlusconi: two years ban from public office ++ A Fiscal bill to lower taxes – not enough for trade unions and employers association ++ Another 200 migrants arrive at the coast of Sicily – Italy debates immigration policy. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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Gay Rights, Greenpeace, arrested Diplomats – Tough Times for Dutch-Russian Relations

Netherlands, 08 Oct - 21 Oct 2013

Tensions flare during the year of Dutch-Russian friendship ++ After long negotiations: Opposition and trade unions agree with government’s budget proposal ++ The 400 dead of Lampedusa lead to debate on EU’s strategy on migration. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann
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The Bulgarian Way (I): Parties & Politics

Bulgaria, 29 Sep - 30 Sep 2013

The Bulgarian party landscape: a transformation in two stages ++ Disappointment of Bulgarian voters changes political system ++ EU Membership - Great expectations and the Bulgarian identity paradox. by Raycho Penchev
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Italians debate Human Rights in Prisons and Lampedusa

Italy, 27 Sep - 09 Oct 2013

Over 300 dead immigrants off the coast of Lampedusa ++ On crimes and punishments: Napolitano’s appeal against harsh prison conditions ++ To split or not to split? Letta wins in vote of confidence, while Berlusconi's party faces major changes. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Polish Impulses for Syria and EU

Poland, 02 Sep - 15 Sep 2013

New Polish impulses in the EU foreign and Security Policy ++ Gowin to create a new political party ++ Krakow to compete for the Olympic Winter Games 2020. by Maciej Wilga
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Infrastructure and energy sector in the spotlight

Poland, 05 Mar - 18 Mar 2012

Dozens of victims after train crash ++ Wlodzimierz Smolarek dead ++ Poland vetoes new CO2-goals. by Markus Bingel
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Government crisis gets Tusk into trouble

Poland, 20 Feb - 04 Mar 2012

Government faces inner crisis ++ Polish ambassador kicked out of Belarus ++ Food scandal shocks consumers ++ Poland commemorates their cursed soldiers. by Markus Bingel
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