Topic: Economic Crisis

Internal Security Challenges – Bulgaria Deals with Terror Suspects & Economic Risks

Bulgaria, 22 Jul - 18 Aug 2015

Bulgarian authorities searching for terror suspects ++ Economic tensions expected in spite of GDP growth ++ UN report: Bulgarian population to shrink most rapidly. by Alice Greschkow
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French Government Bulldozes Way for Economic Reforms

France, 26 Jan - 22 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Valls forces Loi Macron through ++ National film Award César celebrated for the 40th time ++ Franco-German peace efforts still in danger. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Verhofstadt vs. Rehn – ‘Mr. Europe’ candidates again

Belgium, 09 Jan - 22 Jan 2014

Guy Verhofstadt named the liberal top candidate for the European elections ++ No government, no cry? How a political standstill can have its merits ++ France forces minister to make U-turn on salaries of Dexia directors. by Daan Fonck
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Country Special: Spain in Europe, Europe in Spain

Spain, 03 Jan - 03 Jan 2014

The Historic Dimension ++ Spain Today ++ Lessons for Europe?
by Marco Just Quiles
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Football legend Lato faces accusations

Poland, 28 Nov - 11 Dec 2011

War inside and over Polish Football Association ++ Poles think that European Union could fall apart soon ++ Vatican condemns conservatives' idea of restoring death penalty. by Maria Szpilarewicz-Miszczak
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