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Sweden Concerned About Future of EU and Country’s Security

Sweden, 06 Dec - 02 Jan 2017

Prime Minster Löfven strongly concerned about future of EU ++ Sweden to reintroduce compulsory military service ++ New year brings legal changes to Sweden. by Maciej Wilga
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Far-Right AfD Dreams of “Healthy Patriotism”, Social Democrats Have the Blues

Germany, 13 Apr - 10 May 2016

No minarets, please! How to deal with anti-Islam party AfD? ++ What’s left of the left? Social Democrats struggling to regain popularity ++ “The world needs a united Europe” – Obama’s farewell message to EU citizens. by Peter Sawicki
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Merkel Tightens Migration Policy – Far-Right AfD Suggests Police Shoot At Immigrants

Germany, 19 Jan - 15 Feb 2016

More “safe countries of origin” and fewer family reunions – Germany’s new asylum law ++ “The use of armed force is there as a last resort” – Far-Right AfD’s aggressive rhetoric ++ Surprise victories in tennis and handball spark hopes for far-reaching sports boom. by Peter Sawicki
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Formally United, Mentally Divided?! 25 Years of Unification of East and West Germany

Special Report - Germany - 10 Oct 2015

Immigration, xenophobia and economic disaster – Although Germany is one of the most powerful democratic countries worldwide, it has experienced all of these in its eventful past. As a nation celebrates 25 years of unification, these issues remain of great importance – especially as the influx of refugees grows. by Sandra Czech
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'We are the People'? Pegida Movement Sparks Debate on anti-islamic Resentments

Germany - Analysis - Germany - 19 Jan 2015

What is Pegida? ++ What Pegida wants ++ Reactions. by Benno Gross
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Torn between grief and anxiety – Germany struggles with the aftermath of Paris attacks

Germany, 24 Dec - 20 Jan 2015

“Not just an attack on French citizens” – Germany mourns victims of Paris shootings ++ “Possible terrorist attack” threatening Germany – Monday rallies in Dresden cancelled ++ Germany: a safe haven for refugees? by Peter Sawicki
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The ‘Alternative for Germany’ – no Alternative for Merkel?

Germany - Analysis - Germany - 06 Oct 2014

Conservatives or right-wing populists? The rise of the new party AfD brings Merkel's CDU in trouble. by Daniel Rätz
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