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What is is a news portal established to provide a quick but well-grounded overview on current debates and emotions in member countries of the European Union. To this purpose, native authors publish our independent Country Reports on a two-weekly basis. These Cosmopublic Country Reports offer summaries of current discussions and issues that affected the national public. Further, the reports are complemented by selected background information about the individual countries to create a better understanding for foreign readers.

Why is unique? is unique, because with our Country Reports we offer a continuous overview of debates and emotions in member states of the European Union. Unlike other projects that report selectively on "European issues", always reports on those issues which have actually dominated and shaped public debates in a given country. Users of are thus provided with an authentic, continuous view of public discourses and emotions in EU member states.

How do I use offers you insights into public discussions and emotions from European countries on a two-weekly basis. On our front page, you'll find the latest reports. By using the top menu, you can access individual country sections. Stay informed by joining us on facebook, twitter or googleplus!

Who runs
We are a bunch of students, graduates and young professionals from various disciplines. Native authors with diverse backgrounds report for us. To run we founded the charitable organisation “European Cosmopublic Project” as a registered association in Berlin, in which we are engaged on an honorary basis.

Which countries are covered by started off in April 2010 with a German editorial. In November 2011, we established a second editorial in Poland. In Summer 2012, we were joined by editorials in Belgium and the Netherlands, and in 2013 we expanded further to Sweden, Italy, France and Bulgaria. In 2014, Spain and Hungary came on board followed by Portugal, the UK and Romania in 2015. In 2016, we welcomed Finland as our latest arrival. Our long-term goal is to provide reports from all EU member states.

How do we choose our topics?
The most important topics of national public debates are identified by our authors through continued monitoring. Thereby a country’s key media from the areas of print, web and TV are covered. To ensure a neutral and balanced reporting standard, has carried out independent analysis of the national media landscapes of all countries covered by our reports.

Are there translations available?
Currently, reports are offered exclusively in English. However, translations into other languages are foreseen at a later stage, depending on funding.

Is free of charge?

How is financed?
The project is financed by our own contributions as well as donations from friends and promoters. At a later stage, we also seek to apply for institutional funding.

Is independent?
Yes. All relevant decisions are jointly taken by the members of the board of the European Cosmopublic Project Association. All our contributors work on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

How can I contact
If you want to contact us, simply write at We are happy to receive feedback. Inspiring comments and fresh ideas are always welcome!

How can I support
Well, first of all, by spreading the word about, preferably in social networks. But maybe you are also interested in contributing to yourself? Whatever it is, just email to and tell us. We appreciate any kind of support and come back to you as soon as possible!

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