Reports by Sonja Milchram

Sad Times for the Press and the political Opposition

Hungary, 02 Jun - 15 Jun 2014

TV channels and newspapers protest against new advertising tax ++ Journalist fired for revealing inconvenient truth ++ Budapest city council domesticated with new law ++ Football legend Gyula Grosics dies. by Sonja Milchram
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Socialists all down after EP Elections – Right-wing Politician a Russian Spy?

Hungary, 19 May - 01 Jun 2014

Hungarians unaffected by European Elections ++ Nightmare results for socialist party – party leader resigns ++ A right-wing EP representative spying for Russia? by Sonja Milchram
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Hungary comes in 5th at ESC, new Parliament starts with several Scandals

Hungary, 05 May - 18 May 2014

New parliament elects skinhead deputy speaker ++ Inauguration speech: Government without Government Programme ++ Dual citizenship for Hungarian minority? PM sparks diplomatic tensions with Ukraine ++ Eurovision Song Contest: Hungary Twelve Points. by Sonja Milchram
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Prime Minister Orbán builds Occupation Memorial – and his ‘personal’ Football Stadium

Hungary, 21 Apr - 04 May 2014

Debated German occupation memorial erected, March of the Living arrives Budapest ++ Pancho Arena – A football stadium for the Prime Minister? ++ Hungary ‘celebrates’ 10 year membership in the EU. by Sonja Milchram
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Victory on national scene, defeat on international scene for Orbán

Hungary, 07 Apr - 20 Apr 2014

Evaluation of the general elections: winners and losers ++ Symbolic politics after the elections: row over memorial continues ++ ‘Un-orthodox’ policies against European law. by Sonja Milchram
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General Elections in Hungary: Everything remains the same…

Hungary, 24 Mar - 06 Apr 2014

National elections: a campaign that 'gave choice between East or West'... ++ …with a decisive win for Prime Minister Orban and his party ++ Corruption scandal investigations with no substantial results. by Sonja Milchram
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Corruption in Hungary: Bank Revelations and a mysterious Death

Hungary, 10 Mar - 23 Mar 2014

President of Hungarian National Bank accused of revealing insider information
++ Unexplained death of suspect in corruption scandal ++ A new state monopoly on alcohol? by Sonja Milchram
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The Orbàn Government & Ukraine: Concern about Hungarian Minority, no Words about Russia

Hungary, 24 Feb - 09 Mar 2014

The crisis in Ukraine - A Hungarian perspective ++ Electoral reform becomes effective: voting on a sheet? ++ The new museum quarter in Budapest: cultural investment or megalomania? by Sonja Milchram
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Speculating on political Scandals… and new Taxes on Hungarian national Drink

Hungary, 10 Feb - 23 Feb 2014

Secret money breaks socialist’s neck ++ European Court of Justice to decide on tax-free liquor Pálinka ++ Former Prime Minister’s famous speech on the agenda again ++ Fifth anniversary of brutal murder of Roma people. by Sonja Milchram
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Energy, History, Currency – Government angers Opposition, EU and Jewish Community

Hungary, 26 Jan - 09 Feb 2014

Controversy around nuclear deal with Russia continues ++ Third round of utility price cuts announced – a pre-election gift? ++ History rewritten? Jewish communities end cooperation with government ++ Hungary’s currency Forint on slide. by Sonja Milchram
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Left Opposition unites for Elections while Prime Minister strikes Deal with Russia

Hungary, 08 Jan - 21 Jan 2014

A United Opposition for a Disunited Nation? ++ Date of General Electios Fixed ++ Nuclear Plant Deal: The Putin-Orbán Connection. by Sonja Milchram
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Country Special: Hungary – the Political Transformations of Two Decades

Hungary, 07 Jan - 07 Jan 2014

The First Decade: From Socialism to Democracy ++ The Second Decade: Deepening Political Tensions ++ Transforming the Political Landscape: The 2010 General Elections ++ Transforming the Political System: Constitutional and Political Changes. by Sonja Milchram
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Sonja Milchram

Born and raised in Hungary, Sonja studied political science and English studies at Leipzig University, Germany. After graduation she worked at the Department of Political Science and in 2012 she started working on her doctoral thesis.

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