Reports by Sarah Onkels

Unsolved Murders and Nobel Prize Put Sweden’s Capital in Focus of Attention

Sweden, 13 Sep - 10 Oct 2016

Stockholm announces 2016 laureates of Nobel Prize ++ Age limit for movies probable to be relaxed ++ More murders in Stockholm metropolitan area – most cases remain unsolved. by Sarah Onkels
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Festival Season Has Begun

Finland, 24 Jun - 21 Jul 2016

Festival reports hitting the news ++ Farmers facing losses after EU-abolition of production limits. by Sarah Onkels
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After a lost World Championship: Soon It Will Be Easier To Grab a Strong Beer After It!

Finland, 29 Apr - 26 May 2016

Somali philology at Helsinki University ++ Finnish Lions lose World Championship ++ Finnish alcohol law to be loosened. by Sarah Onkels
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The Name Of the New Born Prince? How to Stop Reindeer Accidents? Call and Ask

Sweden, 29 Mar - 26 Apr 2016

Fifth grandchild for Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf ++ How to call a Swede ++ Radio transmitters to prevent road accidents with reindeer. by Sarah Onkels
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God Jul! - Christmas Traditions & Celebrations in Sweden

24 Dec 2015

How the Swedes celebrate the winter holidays. by Sarah Onkels
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Swedes Discuss Outcome of UN World Climate Conference and Border Controls

Sweden, 08 Dec - 04 Jan 2016

Sweden satisfied with outcome of UN World Climate Conference ++ Increased road accidents due to black ice ++ Border controls introduced in Sweden. by Sarah Onkels
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Sweden Loses Famous Writer & Welcomes Nobel Prize Winner

Sweden, 15 Sep - 12 Oct 2015

Swedish writer Henning Mankell passes away ++ Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Sweden ++ Situation of Moroccan street children stays an issue. by Sarah Onkels
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Sweden Welcomes Female Leader for its Christian Democratic Party

Sweden, 31 Mar - 27 Apr 2015

Female leader for Christian Democrats ++ Swedes support Angela Merkel’s idea on renewed asylum system ++ Swedish hostages set free in Syria. by Sarah Onkels
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Blood, home-grown please!

Sweden, 01 Nov - 14 Nov 2014

From your local farmer directly to your veins: Swedish researchers find new way to substitute blood ++ Discussion about detected submarine remains a hot topic ++ Swedish government reacts to increasing abuse of spice. by Sarah Onkels
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Progress in Cases of killed Journalist & School Scandal, Regress in Asylum Rights?

Sweden, 14 Jun - 27 Jun 2014

Swedish Court supports close-down of scandalous Boarding School ++ Investigation in the case of murdered Swedish journalist progresses ++ Swedish company causes debate on asylum-seekers' rights in Great Britain. by Sarah Onkels
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Church Bells vs. Nazis, Finnish vs. Swedish Language, Ukraine vs. Russia

Sweden, 19 Apr - 02 May 2014

Jönköping churches fight Nazis with ringing bells ++ Hostages released in Ukraine ++ Obligation to learn Swedish questioned in Finland. by Sarah Onkels
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Swedish Radio Journalist killed in the Streets of Kabul

Sweden, 08 Mar - 21 Mar 2014

Sweden starts international inquiry after assassination of journalist in Afghanistan ++ Education policy remains a hot topic but brings opponents together ++ Swedish wolf population keeps growing. by Sarah Onkels
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Queen Silvia turns 70, Right-wingers in Focus

Sweden, 11 Dec - 11 Jan 2014

Queen Silvia of Sweden celebrates 70th birthday ++ Peaceful demonstration against racism ends in violence ++ Bomb explodes inside politician’s house. by Sarah Onkels
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Separating the 'Good' from the 'Bad' – yet another ugly School Scandal

Sweden, 30 Oct - 12 Nov 2013

Demand for change in Swedish school law after new scandal ++ Swedish organisations among the first helpers in the Philippines ++ Sweden or Switzerland? China seeks to distinguish countries better. by Sarah Onkels
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Police Registry of Roma People widely condemned

Sweden, 18 Sep - 01 Oct 2013

Skåne county police department maintains registry of Roma ++ Kristdemokrater discussing Swedish NATO membership ++ Increasing illegal trade with Swedish passports. by Sarah Onkels
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Sarah Onkels

Sarah has a master degree in Scandinavian Studies and is currently working as a research assistant at the Department for Scandinavian Languages and Cultures of Bonn University. Among other things Sarah has a background in organizing non-commercial film festivals (Skandinavische Filmtage Bonn) and doing translation works during her studies. After finishing her Phd she aims to work as a researcher within Scandinavian medieval studies and translator for Swedish and Finnish.

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