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Formally United, Mentally Divided?! 25 Years of Unification of East and West Germany

10 Oct 2015

Immigration, xenophobia and economic disaster – Although Germany is one of the most powerful democratic countries worldwide, it has experienced all of these in its eventful past. As a nation celebrates 25 years of unification, these issues remain of great importance – especially as the influx of refugees grows. by Sandra Czech
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No Summer’s Tale – Germany Coping with Violence against Refugees

Germany, 05 Aug - 01 Sep 2015

Refugees welcome!? The start of a German debate on refugee policy ++ Kidnapping with lethal consequence – shocking murder of a seventeen year old girl. by Sandra Czech
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Germany and Greece having relationship problems

Germany, 18 Feb - 17 Mar 2015

Tone gets sharper between Berlin and Athens while Varoufakis’ finger is causing agitation ++ Crisis in Ukraine leads to reviewing reform of the Bundeswehr ++ Terrorist threat in Bremen ++ The winner who does not want to win. by Sandra Czech
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German-British Quarrels & the Revenge of a former President

Germany, 03 Jun - 16 Jun 2014

Juncker yes or no? Germany and Great Britain haggling over Presidency of European Commission ++ Book by the ex-president: Payday for Christian Wulff ++ Speleologist enclosed in more than 1000m depth. by Sandra Czech
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“Wetten, dass…” no more – The End of a German TV Phenomenon

Germany, 25 Mar - 07 Apr 2014

That’s not on! Wetten, dass..? is cancelled ++ Crimea = Sudetenland? Historical comparison by Minister Wolfgang Schäuble irritates Germany and Russia ++ No sympathy for striking Lufthansa pilots. by Sandra Czech
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Child Porn Allegations against former MP put a strain on Grand Coalition

Germany, 11 Feb - 24 Feb 2014

The ‘Edathy Affair’ – a stress test for the governing parties ++ Winter Olympics end with national disappointment ++ Huge Public attention to Ukraine’s troubles. by Sandra Czech
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Brace yourself, Germany – Storm Xaver, Grand Coalition and Olympic Discussions

Germany, 28 Nov - 16 Dec 2013

It’s a ‘Yes'! End of waiting for the new government ++ ‘Xaver’ all over Germany – but rather mild ++ President Gauck and the Russian Winter Olympics. by Sandra Czech
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Who wants to govern? Germany after the Election

Germany, 23 Sep - 02 Oct 2013

Germany is speculating coalitions, 7 million voters not represented ++ The Greens – a new Leadership and identity? ++ The right-wing terrorist trial, or: who has seen Beate Zschäpe? ++ Three workers killed in mining accident in Thuringia. by Sandra Czech
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NSA, Euro Hawk, Doping – Germany is Waiting for Explanations

Germany, 27 Jul - 09 Aug 2013

Ongoing debate about NSA surveillance moves on to legal issues ++ Defending the Defence Minister ++ Doping West – a new perspective on sportsmanship in the FRG ++ Veggie Day – a country fears for its meat at lunch. by Sandra Czech
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Sandra Czech

Sandra studied Cultural Science and Intercultural Communication in Marburg and Frankfurt/Oder. Staying abroad in different European countries as well as traveling has intensified her interest in international relations and intercultural dialog. Besides her experiences in European cultural exchange, internships in the field of media and publishing were additional motives to participate in the project and promote mutual European communication and information.

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