Reports by Sabrina Hambloch

‘War On Terror’ Included in Constitution

France, 28 Jan - 23 Feb 2016

100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun – new memorial for united remembrance ++ Withdrawal of citizenship splits Parliament – Minister of Justice resigns ++ Attractive France: Remission of tax should lure film productions ++ Eagles of Death Metal – First concert after Paris attacks. by Sabrina Hambloch
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French Government Bulldozes Way for Economic Reforms

France, 26 Jan - 22 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Valls forces Loi Macron through ++ National film Award César celebrated for the 40th time ++ Franco-German peace efforts still in danger. by Sabrina Hambloch
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French Environmentalist Dies Under Suspicious Cirmsumstances

France, 23 Oct - 05 Nov 2014

Uncertain death of an environmentalist shocks France ++ Mysterious Drones fly over nuclear power stations ++ 10th anniversary of transatlantic regatta. by Sabrina Hambloch
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50 Kilos of Cocaine gone missing – French Police investigates in its own Ranks

France, 31 Jul - 13 Aug 2014

50 kilograms of cocaine stolen – policeman under suspicion ++ Economic growth stagnates ++ Airplane crash near Paris – Two dead and three wounded. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Kidnapped French Journalists freed after ten Months in Syria

France, 10 Apr - 23 Apr 2014

Back in France: Journalists released from captivity ++ 50 billion austerity programme: France's way towards Brussels ++ Thousands for Reunification of Brittany. by Sabrina Hambloch
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President Hollande (literally) on Everyone’s Lips?

France, 16 Jan - 29 Jan 2014

Hollande – Gayet: France’s National Fling ++ ‘Day of Fury’: Demonstration against President Hollande’s politics ++ Draft Law promotes gender equality in France ++ Liberal Hollande? – Concessions to employers in return for more jobs. by Katinka Koke, Sabrina Hambloch
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The Rise of the Right, an expulsed Roma Girl & Relenting into Reforms

France, 06 Oct - 19 Oct 2013

Rise of the Right – French Nationalists Party Highest in Pole Ratings ++ Roma Girl hauled from School Bus and deported ++ Pension Reform Adopted. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Holiday Season Troubled by a Robbery and a Suicide

France, 28 Jul - 10 Aug 2013

France experiences one of the world’s biggest robberies ++ “Forbearance is not acquittance” – Justice Minister defends release of delinquents ++ Family drama – Father commits suicide ++ Is the President on holiday this summer? ++ France lucky new world champion in men’s swim relay. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Murder of 18-Year-Old Student Saddens France

France, 27 May - 09 Jun 2013

Murder of Clément Méric – A new extreme right in France? ++ “Affair Tapie" - Is Christine Lagarde still reliable? ++ This year’s record-breaking French Open overshadowed by anti-homosexual marriage protest. by Sabrina Hambloch
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L’Amour Toujours? Gay’s Joy & German Resentments

France, 15 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

Homosexual marriage finally ratified ++ Assets of all ministers revealed ++ Attacks against Merkel: Socialists provoke Franco-German trouble. by Sabrina Hambloch
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Sabrina Hambloch

Sabrina studied German philology as well as European history in Bonn and Paris. Working for the radio and newspapers for several years, she now intensifies her interest in the Franco-German political relations as an author for the Cosmopublic Team France.

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