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Home Alone – The Impact of Labour Migration on Children Left Behind

05 Nov 2015

Since eastward enlargement, the migration debate within the EU has experienced a renaissance. While right-wing populists in Western Europe are trying to make substantial gains by talking about social welfare scroungers and provoking anti-migrant resentment, Bulgaria faces not only a 'brain drain', but a 'care drain' that separates millions of parents from their children. by Raycho Penchev
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In the Epicenter of the Crises: Ethnic Bulgarians in the Ukraine

Bulgaria, 19 Jan - 16 Feb 2015

Bulgarian government pledges support for Bessarabian Bulgarians in the Ukraine ++ ‘Lukov March’ or what they are marching for? ++ ‘A way out of the maze’? The latest EU Commission report on justice and home affairs in Bulgaria reveals. by Raycho Penchev
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Bulgaria caught between Trade Interests and Economic Tensions

Bulgaria, 06 Aug - 19 Aug 2014

Impact of Russian food embargo on Bulgaria ++ Quo Vadis, South Stream? ++ A banking system Bulgarians can trust? Depositors in KTB organize protests. by Raycho Penchev
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Banking System under Attack – In what do Bulgarians trust?

Bulgaria, 25 Jun - 08 Jul 2014

Banking affair upsets Bulgaria ++ Russian Foreign Minister on a visit to Sofia: Rising pressure on Bulgaria ++ Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party to give up the post of chairman. by Raycho Penchev
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Political Storms and heavy Floods in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, 28 May - 24 Jun 2014

Early Parliamentary elections as a way out of the political crisis ++ Bulgaria suspends a strategic gas pipeline: South Stream or South Front? ++ 13 victims after heavy rains. by Raycho Penchev
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And the Winner is? Bulgaria after the EP Elections

Bulgaria, 14 May - 27 May 2014

Results of Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections ++ The youngest BSP candidate wins an MEP seat ++ Controversial Lafka kiosks chain in the public focus. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev, Raycho Penchev
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Bulgaria’s Struggles in Dealing with Asylum Seekers continue

Bulgaria, 30 Apr - 13 May 2014

Xenophobic displacement of Syrian refugees ++ Ex-Collaborators of the Bulgaria’s Communist-era State Security running for the European Elections ++ Demand for improved social policies in healthcare and education. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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South Stream Pipeline: European Commission expresses its deep Concerns

Bulgaria, 16 Apr - 29 Apr 2014

Bulgaria’s feint of European energy legislation ++ A dubious Bulgarian businessman to enter the European Parliament? ++ Welcome to Bulgaria, Mr. Juncker & Mr. Schulz! by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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All Eyes on Bulgaria: Cooperative Approaches to Security

Bulgaria, 19 Mar - 01 Apr 2014

Top U.S. diplomat visits Bulgaria to discuss the Russia-Ukraine situation ++ Bulgaria to avoid a monitoring mechanism over refugees? ++ President Rossen Plevneliev under enormous pressure. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev, Raycho Penchev
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Bulgaria's left Wing divided in the Run-up to the European Parliament Election

Bulgaria, 07 Jan - 20 Jan 2014

A ‘parallel universe’? An alternative left list for the European Parliament Elections ++ Populist politician in danger of losing his immunity after plane scandal ++ The Constitutional Court:a ‘veto player’ regarding the new fee on renewable energy by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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Freedom of Movement in the EU: Bulgaria in Uproar over Poverty Migration Debate

Bulgaria, 06 Dec - 06 Jan 2014

No migration restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians – the Bulgarians` point of view ++ On the Eve of the European Parliamentary Elections - Bulgarian’s Right Wing needs to be ‘Reloaded’ ++ A quarter million Bulgarians depend on financial support to pay energy bills. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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All Things Budget – Renewable Energy & Education Reforms

Bulgaria, 22 Nov - 05 Dec 2013

‘To be or not to be?’ – Bulgarian Parliament adopts a new fee for renewable energy ++ Bulgarian education problems become visible in PISA survey ++ Increasing national and international tensions challenges refugee policies. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev
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Where do we go from here? New Neo-Nazi Party & Justice System Reforms

Bulgaria, 08 Nov - 21 Nov 2013

A brand new Neo-Nazi party was founded in Bulgaria ++ Justice system reforms lack funding ++ One night in Paris 20 years ago: Bulgarians remember their personal football heaven. by Raycho Penchev
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Bulgaria on the Barricades – Refugee Policy & #OccupySofia

Bulgaria, 25 Oct - 07 Nov 2013

Another brick in the ‘European Wall’? Bulgaria starts construction of a security fence to stop migrants from Syria ++ Bulgarian students lock horns with the government ++ Street art or political act? A spray-painted monument to communist partisans. by Raycho Penchev
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The Bulgarian Way (II): Cultural Identity & Media Landscape

Bulgaria, 15 Oct - 15 Oct 2013

Sofia – European Capital of Culture for 2019? ++ Media landscape in Bulgaria ++ Holy Day of Letters & Bulgarian Identity. by Raycho Penchev
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The Bulgarian Way (I): Parties & Politics

Bulgaria, 29 Sep - 30 Sep 2013

The Bulgarian party landscape: a transformation in two stages ++ Disappointment of Bulgarian voters changes political system ++ EU Membership - Great expectations and the Bulgarian identity paradox. by Raycho Penchev
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Raycho Penchev

Raycho studied political science at the University of Sofia and at the University of Freiburg (Germany) emphasizing the process of European integration. After that he continued studying German, European and Global politics at the University of Bonn (Germany). His major interests are the pre- and after-accession period of the Bulgarian EU-membership and the political process in the EU. Due to his Bulgarian background and his studies he believes that “networked” is the best word to describe the Europeans.

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