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Sweden Celebrates 250 Years of Freedom of the Press

Sweden, 08 Nov - 05 Dec 2016

Sweden celebrates its long-standing history of freedom of the press ++ Debate about values, patriotism and populism in Sweden ++ Hate speech on the internet after Lucia advertisement. by Philipp Gmoser
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Philipp Gmoser

Born in Austria, Philipp considers himself a true European living the motto “Home is where the heart is” – or more philosophically, he tries to live according to the mantra of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca: “Non sum ulli angulo natus, patria mea totus hic mundus est.” After studying Political Science in Vienna, Stockholm and Munich, Philipp moved to Berlin where he currently contributes to gaining a better mutual understanding of financial and economic politics between Germany and Austria. In part due to his experiences while travelling throughout Europe, he is a strong supporter of the European idea.

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