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Over and Done With: President Gauck Retires, UK Leaves EU, Footballers drop out of EURO

Germany, 08 Jun - 05 Jul 2016

The end of the “perfect East German triumph” – President Joachim Gauck to step down ++ ”Out is out” – German government sending strong message to divorcing Britain ++ Toothless dominance – Germany’s top footballers drop out of EURO 2016 in semi-final. by Peter Sawicki
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Far-Right AfD Dreams of “Healthy Patriotism”, Social Democrats Have the Blues

Germany, 13 Apr - 10 May 2016

No minarets, please! How to deal with anti-Islam party AfD? ++ What’s left of the left? Social Democrats struggling to regain popularity ++ “The world needs a united Europe” – Obama’s farewell message to EU citizens. by Peter Sawicki
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Merkel Tightens Migration Policy – Far-Right AfD Suggests Police Shoot At Immigrants

Germany, 19 Jan - 15 Feb 2016

More “safe countries of origin” and fewer family reunions – Germany’s new asylum law ++ “The use of armed force is there as a last resort” – Far-Right AfD’s aggressive rhetoric ++ Surprise victories in tennis and handball spark hopes for far-reaching sports boom. by Peter Sawicki
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25 Years after Reunification – Ready to Leave the Nest?

03 Oct 2015

In the wake of reunification, the United States has gradually encouraged Germany to extend its ambitions in foreign affairs. But if the Federal Republic is serious about playing a fully grown-up part on the international stage, it’s time it became genuinely emancipated from its former protecting power. by Peter Sawicki
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Historical obligation or moral deadlock?

12 May 2015

70 years after Germany’s defeat in WWII brought to a halt the Nazis’ monstrous plan to extinct European Jews, the Federal Republic’s close ties with Israel are a meaningful historical achievement. If Germany is, however, serious about playing a progressive part in global politics, it needs to redefine its policies in the Middle East. by Peter Sawicki
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Britain and Europe – a mere Partnership of Convenience?

20 Feb 2015

Today’s shape of a united Europe wouldn’t have been possible without influential reflections of some British thinkers. Yet as Britain’s current relationship with its fellow EU member states is as strained as never before, the traditionalists’ ever-present dream of a “life outside the European Union” may become a serious option in the nearest future. by Peter Sawicki
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Torn between grief and anxiety – Germany struggles with the aftermath of Paris attacks

Germany, 24 Dec - 20 Jan 2015

“Not just an attack on French citizens” – Germany mourns victims of Paris shootings ++ “Possible terrorist attack” threatening Germany – Monday rallies in Dresden cancelled ++ Germany: a safe haven for refugees? by Peter Sawicki
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25 Years Later – What Young Germans Think about the Fall of the Berlin Wall

09 Nov 2014

How do young Germans think about German reunification 25 years after the Berlin Wall fell? We asked our editors. Here are some of their thoughts on the 9th of November 1989. by Daniel Rätz, Jens Ummethum, Peter Sawicki
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Russia, IS, Car Toll: External Security Challenges and Internal Quarrels

Germany, 26 Aug - 08 Sep 2014

75 years after WWII: Gauck accuses Russia of imperilling stability in Europe ++ Parliament supports military aid against IS ++ Discussion over car toll causes friction among Conservatives ++ Highlights and lowlights for the football national team. by Peter Sawicki
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