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Divisive Polish Politics still in the Spotlight Abroad and Domestically

Poland, 01 Feb - 30 Jan 2016

PiS government under magnifying glass ++ How a waste separation campaign sparked debate on gender ideology ++ Polish movies recognized at the Sundance Film Festival. by Monika Kostecka
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Refugees, Schools – Government facing Challenges before the Elections

Poland, 11 Sep - 08 Oct 2015

Refugees: Small solution for a big problem ++ Will Polish schools become secular? ++ Wolfsburg 1 : 5 Lewandowski. by Monika Kostecka
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IVF – Treatment of Infertility Divides Polish Society

Poland, 19 Jun - 16 Jul 2015

Dispute on new law legalising in vitro fertilisation ++ More than 350 Poles poisoned by designer drugs ++ Election battle officially started. by Monika Kostecka
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Poland Wins First Ever Oscar for Best Foreign Film

Poland, 01 Feb - 28 Feb 2015

“Ida” wins Academy Award – and sparks criticism at home ++ Poland on the road to the green energy? ++ Presidential campaign officially started. by Monika Kostecka
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Madrid Case & Winnie the Pooh Bring Polish Politicians Down

Poland, 01 Nov - 30 Nov 2014

Fuss on the board of Ryanair transforms into a political scandal ++ Chaos during local elections ++ Is Winnie the Pooh hermaphrodite? by Monika Kostecka
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First Steps of Polish Prime Minister in International Politics

Poland, 03 Oct - 16 Oct 2014

First foreign visits of the new Polish prime minister ++ Two Poles accused of spying for Russia ++ Death of a famous Polish actress opens discussion about cancer prevention ++ Poland beats the World Champion. by Monika Kostecka
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Summer of Wins and Losses in Polish Sports & Politics

Poland, 08 Aug - 21 Aug 2014

Polish government is looking for help for Polish fruits producers ++ Controversies over eliminating Legia Warsaw from Champions League play-offs ++ Summer of medals in sports and science. by Monika Kostecka
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The different Faces of Polish Freedom

Poland, 25 Jul - 07 Aug 2014

70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising ++ Secret CIA prisons on Polish territory ++ Solidarity against the Russian embargo on Polish fruits: #FreedomApples. by Monika Kostecka
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‘No Freedom without Solidarity’ – 25th Anniversary of first democratic Elections

Poland, 30 May - 12 Jun 2014

Poland celebrates end of communism in 1989, addresses Ukraine Crisis ++ Two-day-visit of Barack Obama in Poland ++ Disturbance on President Jaruzelski's Funeral ++ Abortion, contraception, euthanasia: patient rights vs. rights of doctors. by Monika Kostecka
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Ukraine, Lemanski Case and Smolensk Disaster back on the Agenda

Poland, 04 Apr - 17 Apr 2014

Crises in the Ukraine continues – Polish debate concerning its Eastern policy and national security ++ Catholic authorities vs. priest of Jasienica: Bishop closes church during Holy Week ++ Fourth anniversary of Polish presidential plane crash in Russia. by Monika Kostecka
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