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Wesołych Świąt! - Christmas Celebrations in Poland

24 Dec 2015

How Poland celebrates the winter holidays. by Markus Bingel
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2013 – A Year of Big Reforms?

Poland, 24 Dec - 06 Jan 2013

Head of Secret Service resigns ++ The Victims of New Year´s Eve in Poland ++ New health care reforms planned by Markus Bingel
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Attack on Polish Parliament Prevented!

Poland, 12 Nov - 25 Nov 2012

Man tries to blow up the Sejm ++ Changes in the government ++ Polish airline undegoes changes by Markus Bingel
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The Opposition Strikes Back

Poland, 01 Oct - 14 Oct 2012

Piotr Glinski – The new Prime Minister? ++ Motion of no-confidence finally fails ++ Abortion debate continues by Markus Bingel
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Polish TV on Its Last Legs

Poland, 03 Sep - 16 Sep 2012

PiS partys presents big plans for the future ++ Tragic accident of Polish bus in France ++ Paralympic Games – a success only for the athletes ++ Polish public television in deep crisis. by Markus Bingel
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Nepotism Gets Government into Trouble

Poland, 23 Jul - 05 Aug 2012

Nepotism Scandal in Poland Discovered ++ Gay Marriage Debate ++ Bankruptcy of Travel Agencies Continues by Markus Bingel
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Comedian´s Lapse Breeds Resentment

Poland, 25 Jun - 08 Jul 2012

Polish comedian shocks Ukrainians ++ Quo vadis PZPN? ++ Polish tourism company bankrupted. by Markus Bingel
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Let the Games Begin

Poland, 28 May - 10 Jun 2012

Obama Irritates with Historical Lapse ++ The EURO 2012 finally Started ++ New Tensions between Russians and Poles. by Markus Bingel
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Ukraine and the Dark Side of the EURO 2012

Poland, 30 Apr - 13 May 2012

Consternation about Treatment of Tymoshenko in Ukraine ++ Some Scepticism towards Poland’s Ability of Hosting the EURO 2012 ++ No Stronger Cooperation on the Political Left ++ Protests Against Extension of Retirement Age. by Markus Bingel
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A national Tragedy no One can forget

Poland, 02 Apr - 15 Apr 2012

Still discussions Two Years After Smolensk ++ Little Madzia Keeps the Polish Press Busy ++ Poland’s View on Günter Grass++ New Surveys Published. by Markus Bingel
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Opposition attacks government in several fields

Poland, 19 Mar - 01 Apr 2012

Solidary Poland forms new party ++ New controversial history lessons ++ Debate over retirement age++ Poland's energy policy in the spotlight. by Markus Bingel
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Infrastructure and energy sector in the spotlight

Poland, 05 Mar - 18 Mar 2012

Dozens of victims after train crash ++ Wlodzimierz Smolarek dead ++ Poland vetoes new CO2-goals. by Markus Bingel
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Government crisis gets Tusk into trouble

Poland, 20 Feb - 04 Mar 2012

Government faces inner crisis ++ Polish ambassador kicked out of Belarus ++ Food scandal shocks consumers ++ Poland commemorates their cursed soldiers. by Markus Bingel
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Poland’s National Stadium plunges government into crisis

Poland, 06 Feb - 19 Feb 2012

Supercup match cancelled ++ Minister of Sport Joanna Mucha and the poor survey results ++ Changes at the top of one of the most popular political journals. by Markus Bingel
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Poland’s trouble with the internet

Poland, 23 Jan - 05 Feb 2012

Hackers block government websites ++ Poland signs ACTA ++ Poland and the European currency++ Sad end of the search for little Madzia. by Markus Bingel
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Attempted suicide on TV shocks Poland

Poland, 09 Jan - 22 Jan 2012

Army prosecutor tries to kill himself after press conference ++ Historical court decision divides Polish society ++ Catholic TV-channel not to be broadcasted on a digital platform ++ Carity Orchestra again beats its own record. by Markus Bingel
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Poland's past and present wars

Poland, 12 Dec - 25 Dec 2011

30 Years after the declaration of Martial Law ++ Debate on Poland’s role in Afghanistan ++ Pro- and anti-abortionists fight for public opinion. by Markus Bingel
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Prime Minister and national team with a new livery

Poland, 14 Nov - 27 Nov 2011

New government to start work ++ Outline of the political programme for the next four years published ++ PiS excludes several members of the parliament from the party ++ Polish Football Association shocks fans. by Markus Bingel
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Downfall of Poland’s conservatives?

Poland, 31 Oct - 13 Nov 2011

PiS at breakdown: inner-party opposition excluded ++ Independence march ended in chaos ++ Emergency landing of Polish airplane. by Markus Bingel
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After the elections: Opposition facing uncertain future

Poland, 17 Oct - 30 Oct 2011

Discussion on coming role of Janusz Palikot’s party ++ Heavy debate on relationship between church and state ++ Struggle for Power within Kaczynski party. by Markus Bingel
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Markus Bingel

Markus studied history and sociology in Bielefeld and Olsztyn. Currently, he is finishing his master thesis in history at Freiburg University. Apart from his studies, he did several internships, e.g. in Poland and Russia, where he got to know eastern-european history and gained knowledge in eastern-european political affairs. He also works as a lecturer.

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