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Big Snow in little Village

13 Apr 2015

Marco Jelic, team manager of Cosmopublic Italy, writes about a special event that put his "hometown" Capracotta in international headlines & why he considers getting a tattoo now. by Marco Jelic
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Italian Presidency of the EU: Renzi to wake up 'exhausted' Europe

Italy, 24 Jun - 07 Jul 2014

PM Renzi fixes targets for the Italian Presidency of the EU ++ Italian Senate revamp goes ahead, immunity from prosecution remains ++ Massive migrant exploitation unveiled in Latina ++ Madonna-statue 'kneels' in front of Mafia-boss. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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European Election Polls: Renzi's great Victory - Grillo's Defeat

Italy, 12 May - 25 May 2014

Renzi's Partito Democratico wins European election in Italy with over 40 per cent ++ M5S after electoral defeat: between crisis and European strategy ++ No end to the influx from Africa ++ Prandelli's road to Brazil. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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Between 'Calcio' and 'Camorra' – Violence in Italian Football

Italy, 28 Apr - 11 May 2014

Violence in Italian football: supporter shot before cup final ++ Immigration: conflicts between Rome and EU ++ Berlusconi begins service in retirement home. by Marco Jelic
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Obama meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

Italy, 03 Mar - 30 Mar 2014

Obama in Italy: Meetings with Pope Francis and Premier Renzi ++ Prime Minister Renzi sets the agenda for reform ++ Nun on TV casting show: 'like the devil and holy water'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic
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The Rebellion of the 'Pitchforks': Mass Protests against Italy’s Government

Italy, 05 Dec - 18 Dec 2013

Letta’s government made it to Christmas, but with some unpleasant presents ++ Renzi leader of the Democratic Party: an Italian Blair or another Berlusconi?++ Zizou’s revenge. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Cleopatra over Sardinia – Deadly Cyclone plunges the Island into Chaos

Italy, 07 Nov - 20 Nov 2013

The tragedy of Sardinia – Island hit by a deadly cyclone ++ The ashes of the phoenix: Forza Italia's rebirth and Democratic Party's new leadership ++ 'Cancellieri affair' shakes Letta’s government ++ 'They’ll never win against us!'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Ashes to Ashes? Or how to bury the War Criminal Erich Priebke

Italy, 10 Oct - 23 Oct 2013

Debate on funeral of former SS officer Erich Priebke ++ Berlusconi: two years ban from public office ++ A Fiscal bill to lower taxes – not enough for trade unions and employers association ++ Another 200 migrants arrive at the coast of Sicily – Italy debates immigration policy. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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Italians debate Human Rights in Prisons and Lampedusa

Italy, 27 Sep - 09 Oct 2013

Over 300 dead immigrants off the coast of Lampedusa ++ On crimes and punishments: Napolitano’s appeal against harsh prison conditions ++ To split or not to split? Letta wins in vote of confidence, while Berlusconi's party faces major changes. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Italy Stands down on Syria – The Pope Prays for Peace

Italy, 30 Aug - 12 Sep 2013

Italian views on Syria: Letta positions at G20 and Pope Francis calls for peace ++ The saga continues: Berlusconi now appeals to European Court of Human Rights ++ Venice film festival: Golden Lion for “Sacro GRA” ++ Squadra Azzura qualifies for Brazil 2014. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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The Great Escape: Berlusconi trying to avoid Punishment

Italy, 16 Aug - 29 Aug 2013

After conviction: Berlusconi and his party still looking for the “get out of jail free” card ++ Abolition of property taxes: Grand coalition government makes a deal ++ Red carpet in Venice – a spotlight on the film festival 2013 ++ The Italian Sundays make sense again: new Seria A season starts. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Racism in Italy – Black Minister Slurred

Italy, 03 Jul - 16 Jul 2013

Racism in Italian politics: black minister called “orang-utan” ++ Day of truth for Berlusconi nearing: government at a crossroad ++ Revoked expulsion- diplomatic affair between Italy and Kazakhstan ++ Pope Francis prays with migrants. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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No Lost Generation – Government vs. Youth Unemployment

Italy, 19 Jun - 02 Jul 2013

Growing unemployment: the government gets help from EU ++ Berlusconi sentenced to seven years ++ Minister Josefa Idem resigns ++ A good third place for the “Azzurri”. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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Election Surprise ‘Five Stars’ – Only Grillo’s Personal Party?

Italy, 05 Jun - 18 Jun 2013

Beppe Grillo’s "tribunal": Member of the Senate dismissed ++ A new mayor for Rome - Center-left takes it all in local elections ++ Pope Francis admits: “Gay lobby” inside of the Vatican ++ Italy defeats Mexico in the heat of Maracana: Matchwinner Balotelli. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic
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Finally it’s Done: Italy Has a New Government!

Italy, 23 Apr - 06 May 2013

Enrico Letta is the new premier of a grand coalition ++ Two policemen shot down while cabinet was swearing in ++ Juventus, the old lady, wins the “scudetto”. by Marco Jelic
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Political Farce to the max: OLD President = New President

Italy, 09 Apr - 22 Apr 2013

No agreement on candidate: Napolitano re-elected as head of state ++ Accusations of corruption and prostitution: Court delays Berlusconi’s trials ++ Infamous Mafia-Boss Sebastiano Strangio arrested. by Marco Jelic
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The President’s last Move against the Crisis

Italy, 25 Mar - 08 Apr 2013

President Napolitano gains time - and evokes protest ++ Italian marines accused of murder in India cause diplomatic crisis ++ City of ruins: Aquila, four years after the earthquake. by Marco Jelic
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Political Paralysis after General Election in Italy

Italy, 11 Mar - 24 Mar 2013

Hung parliament: First attempts to build a new government failed ++ Newly elected Francis - a Pope for the people? ++ Italy mourns death of sprint legend Pietro Mennea. by Marco Jelic
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Marco Jelic

Marco studied Italian and Spanish philology, as well as political sciences at the University of Bonn. He gained varied journalistic experience at the public service TV- and radio-stations WDR, SWR and Deutsche Welle, currently he is working as freelancer. Due to his Romance Studies he spent eight months at the University of Florence. His multicultural, italo-croatian background is one reason more for him to bring forward the idea of a closer European integration.

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