Reports by Maciej Wilga

Sweden Concerned About Future of EU and Country’s Security

Sweden, 06 Dec - 02 Jan 2017

Prime Minster Löfven strongly concerned about future of EU ++ Sweden to reintroduce compulsory military service ++ New year brings legal changes to Sweden. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden Democrats Split Centre-Right Parties While Cars Continue to Burn in the Streets

Sweden, 16 Aug - 12 Sep 2016

Raw over Sweden Democrats in the centre-right party spectrum ++ Cars in the streets set on fire across the country ++ Nobel Committee fires expert after patients died in medical scandal. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden Disappoints At the 2016 Football European Championship in France

Sweden, 24 May - 20 Jun 2016

Zlatan’s team disappoints at the 2016 European Championship ++ Changing Electoral support for political parties ++ Sweden celebrates “National Day”. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden Talks Foreign Policy and Remembers Olof Palme

Sweden, 02 Feb - 28 Feb 2016

Sweden Debates Its Foreign Policy and NATO Membership in the Parliament ++ Olof Palme’s Death Anniversary ++ Nationalist Sweden Democrats’ support stagnates. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden Swaying Between Neutrality & Nato: Security Pressures & New Controversies

19 Dec 2015

An analysis about the newest debate on the relationship between Sweden and the North Atlantic Alliance. by Maciej Wilga
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Duda Beats Komorowski – A New Head of State for Poland

31 May 2015

Candidates, rounds, results and consequences of the 2015 presidential elections in Poland. by Maciej Wilga
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Time to Celebrate! Summer Solstice, a Wedding and a Baby

Sweden, 26 May - 22 Jun 2015

Midsummer celebrations ++ Sweden’s royal wedding ++ Swedish government perspective on the Danish elections. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden’s New Foreign and Defence Policy Rows

Sweden, 03 Feb - 02 Mar 2015

Minister Wallström’s Swedish foreign policy ++ Sweden and Finland for closer defence cooperation ++ Swedish Prime Minister on asylum and immigration visit in Berlin. by Maciej Wilga
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Waves of Strikes across Poland and Help for Ukraine

Poland, 01 Jan - 31 Jan 2015

Closed clinics – Polish stumbling health care system ++ A paralysed country? Miners on strike as well ++ Poland’s financial help for reform plans in Ukraine. by Maciej Wilga
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Hunt for Red October? Unknown Submarine in Swedish Waters

Sweden, 18 Oct - 31 Oct 2014

Foreign Submarine sighted near Stockholm ++ Sweden recognises Palestinian state ++ Government presenting its next national budget. by Maciej Wilga
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Now, from Then to Tomorrow: Poland Busy on Several Fronts

Poland, 17 Oct - 30 Oct 2014

Controversy over the former Polish foreign minister ++ Jewish museum opened in the heart of Warsaw ++ Komorowski for a new NATO strategy. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden Coming Closer to NATO ahead of the Parliamentary Elections

Sweden, 23 Aug - 05 Sep 2014

New NATO-Sweden agreement ++ Political manifestos for the Swedish parliamentary elections ++ 200 years of peace in Sweden. by Maciej Wilga
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The Brussels Game: Tusk for European Council, Bienkowska for Commission

Poland, 22 Aug - 04 Sep 2014

Polish Prime Minister Tusk to become the EU council president ++ Post-Tusk Poland in search for a new Prime Minister ++ Poland securing budget and finances portfolio in the Commission. by Maciej Wilga
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Almedalen political Week accompanied by slight Disagreements with Denmark

Sweden, 28 Jun - 11 Jul 2014

The ‘Almedalen’ week – herald of future Swedish politics? ++ Danish Street beggars to be sent to Sweden ++ Trans-regional transport: Öresund region to be more integrated. by Maciej Wilga
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Poland’s political Elite shaken by huge bugging Scandal

Poland, 13 Jun - 26 Jun 2014

Government under heavy attack after tape scandal ++ Governing political party looses ground ++ NATO consolidation talks between Poland and Estonia. by Maciej Wilga
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Ukraine Crisis boosts Swedish Interest in European Elections

Sweden, 03 May - 16 May 2014

Swedes’ interest for the European elections on the rise ++ Sweden to strengthen its defence ++ New home for Nobel Prize in Stockholm. by Maciej Wilga
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Poland welcomes American Troops and celebrates the Canonisation of Pope John Paul II

Poland, 18 Apr - 01 May 2014

American troops on Polish soil ++ Polish Pope John Paul II declared a saint ++ Famous Polish poet Rozewicz passes away. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden before Elections – for the European Parliament and at Home

Sweden, 22 Mar - 04 Apr 2014

Swedes sceptical about the EU before the EP elections ++ National elections in full swing ++ Sweden in grief after murder of a football supporter. by Maciej Wilga
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Foreign Minister Sikorski “scores” in negotiations with Ukraine’s political players

Poland, 21 Feb - 06 Mar 2014

Polish Foreign Minister distinguishes himself among Ukraine negotiators ++ Tipsy on board: Polish MEP resignes after conflict with German airport official ++ Another baby found abandoned, this time of Chinese descent. by Maciej Wilga
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Sweden discussing its Defence while entering the Election Year

Sweden, 12 Jan - 25 Jan 2014

Sweden’s defence of interest to Finland ++ Government alliance falling behind in the polls as the first parliamentary debate kicks off the election year ++ Lingonberries helping reduce obesity. by Maciej Wilga
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Ukraine, Al-Qaeda – Poland’s current and past Foreign Policy Headaches

Poland, 10 Jan - 23 Jan 2014

Polish worries about Ukraine continue ++ Poland getting paid by CIA for Al-Qaeda secret prison ++ Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity under attack. by Maciej Wilga
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Kaczynski’s Way: Political Differences over Approach towards Ukraine

Poland, 25 Nov - 08 Dec 2013

Polish disagreements over the way to help Ukraine ++ Gowin’s next step: emergence of a new party at the political centre ++ Cyclone Bodil a.k.a. ‘Xavery’ raging over Poland by Maciej Wilga
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NATO Exercises in the Baltic Sea – Sweden’s first time

Sweden, 16 Oct - 29 Oct 2013

Neutral Sweden joins NATO military manoeuvre “Steadfast Jazz” ++ Secret and controversial Facebook group of police officers discovered ++ South Sweden hit hard by storm “Simone”. by Maciej Wilga
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Poland mourns first free elected Premier Mazowiecki and refines foreign Reputation

Poland, 14 Oct - 27 Oct 2013

The first Prime Minister of the free Poland passed away ++ Civic Platform on the rise again ++ New Polish foreign policy efforts. by Maciej Wilga
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Polish Impulses for Syria and EU

Poland, 02 Sep - 15 Sep 2013

New Polish impulses in the EU foreign and Security Policy ++ Gowin to create a new political party ++ Krakow to compete for the Olympic Winter Games 2020. by Maciej Wilga
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Maciej Wilga

Born in Poland, Maciej passed the Polish and German A-level exams. After studying two majors of Political Science and English/American philology at the University of Potsdam, Germany, Maciej absolved a trilingual (French, English and German) postgraduate studies programme in European Integration, International Relations and federalism in Nice, France. He wrote his Ph.D. Dissertation on the institutional development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.
Maciej has been a strong supporter of the European integration ever since and had been strongly involved in the European Movement as well as in different scientific networks. He also published on the European Integration process and has been teaching European integration and EU external relations at universities in Denmark, Germany and Austria. As a founder of the German-Swedish meet-up group in Berlin, he is also active in several Scandinavian networks.

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