Reports by Lukas Plewnia

Szydlo, Duda, Kaczynski and the Plunging Gap in Polish Society

Poland, 28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

Government party PiS keeps on dividing media and society ++ Sadness after attacks in Brussels ++ Charity Orchestra WOSP 2016 reaches new record. by Lukas Plewnia
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Constitutional Court Judges Elected

Poland, 06 Nov - 03 Dec 2015

Changes in Parliament ++ Terror in Paris tightened Polish debate ++ Scandal to a play. by Lukas Plewnia
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What If They Gave a Referendum and Nobody Came?

Poland, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2015

Long-awaited referendum surprises with low voter turnout ++ Help for loans in Swiss francs ++ The Rainbow installation dismantled. by Lukas Plewnia
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Heads Will Roll – Government with New Faces, But Same Old Problems?

Poland, 22 May - 18 Jun 2015

Prime Minister replaces several ministers ++ New health minister already on fire from all sides ++ PM Kopacz one of the most influential women. by Lukas Plewnia
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Nurses Fighting for a Change of Struggling Healthcare System

Poland, 24 Apr - 21 May 2015

Nurses want to go on strike again ++ 10th anniversary of the Polish Institute of Film Art ++ Presidential election – Endgame. by Lukas Plewnia
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The Wild East? Peculiar Lending Practices in Poland

Poland, 01 Mar - 31 Mar 2015

Loans in Poland – a shark’s tale ++ Komorowski calls for new NATO strategy ++ More fines for traffic violations. by Lukas Plewnia
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New Government, New Weapons, No Gas?

Poland, 05 Sep - 18 Sep 2014

Kopacz follows Tusk – New government in sight ++ Poland & the NATO: The upgrade begins ++ Dependence from Russia: Poland without gas? by Lukas Plewnia
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After successful EP Elections: Joined Forces on the Political Right?

Poland, 27 Jun - 10 Jul 2014

Coalition of ultra-conservative Parties incoming? ++ Denied abortion: Doctor in distress ++ Heaviest aviation accident in recent years. by Lukas Plewnia
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EP President Schulz celebrates EU Membership Anniversary with 5,000 Poles

Poland, 02 May - 15 May 2014

Flag Day, Labour Day, EU membership, constitution – three days of celebration ++ Ukraine opens borders for Polish pork again ++ Termination of the second pillar of the pension system. by Lukas Plewnia
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U.S. VP Biden in Poland: clear stance towards Ukraine and Russia

Poland, 07 Mar - 20 Mar 2014

Joe Biden visits Polish President and Prime Minister ++ Minister of Agriculture resigns ++ New alliance on the right. by Lukas Plewnia
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Ex-Premier Miller assaulted, Ukrainian Protests still a top Theme

Poland, 24 Jan - 06 Feb 2014

Poles show solidarity with the protests in Ukraine ++ Physical attack on ex-Prime Minister Miller ++ Auschwitz: 69th anniversary of the liberation. by Lukas Plewnia
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Busy Times for Tusk: Radical Changes & assumed Corruption within Government

Poland, 11 Nov - 24 Nov 2013

Radical changes – big cabinet reshuffle ++ Independence Day: time for nationalism ++ Corruption scandal: prosecutors investigate. by Lukas Plewnia
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Historic Ceremonies: Liberation of Auschwitz turns 69, Lech Walesa 70

Poland, 30 Sep - 13 Oct 2013

Israeli politicians will attend anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz ++ Party system in motion – new political alliances arise ++ 70th birthday of national icon Lech Walesa. by Lukas Plewnia
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School for Six-year-olds? Parents vs. Government

Poland, 05 Aug - 18 Aug 2013

Parents rebelling against early school enrolment ++ Catholic TV Station eager to finally get digital ++ Andrzej Lepper: Anniversary of a tragic death. by Lukas Plewnia
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Tusk and his Government Struggle for Approval

Poland, 24 Jun - 07 Jul 2013

Bad polls: Downfall of Prime Minister Tusk? ++ Revolution in the pension system? ++ Catholic TV channel goes digital. by Lukas Plewnia
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Religious War, Poverty and Open Sundays

Poland, 27 May - 09 Jun 2013

Religious war between right and left ++ Surveys: Extreme poverty and gloomy outlook ++ Open Sundays soon banned? by Lukas Plewnia
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Prime Minister Tusk Under Pressure

Poland, 13 May - 26 May 2013

Alarming polls for governing Civic Platform ++ Angelina Jolie causes attention with breast surgery ++ Recycling: soon common in Poland? by Lukas Plewnia
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Labour Day and Black Magic

Poland, 29 Apr - 12 May 2013

Demonstrations on Labour Day ++ Government announced reduction of taxes ++ Poland threatened by black magic? by Lukas Plewnia
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“Unnoticed” Gazprom Deal Costs Treasury Minister's Head

Poland, 15 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

New Ministry of Treasury after communication disaster by his predecessor ++ MP acquitted of accusations of corruption ++ Justice Minister presumes illegal ova trade between Poland and Germany by Lukas Plewnia
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The Smolensk Disaster – Three Years later

Poland, 01 Apr - 14 Apr 2013

Still mourning and political struggles about airplane crash of 2010 ++ Debate about lowering the age for school enrollment ++ Poles hope for quick abolition of visa requirements for the USA by Lukas Plewnia
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Solidarnosc' Show of Force – Just a Storm in a Teacup?

Poland, 18 Mar - 31 Mar 2013

Solidarnosc organizes general strike ++ Announcement of a fundamental health care reform ++ Affair concerning archbishop Glodz by Lukas Plewnia
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The Kaczynski-Show – No-Confidence Vote with Tablet PC

Poland, 04 Mar - 17 Mar 2013

Government withstands political showdown in the parliament ++ Poland moved by the new Pope Francis ++ Polish airline LOT - A new chance for the Dreamliner? by Lukas Plewnia
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Fiscal Compact passes Sejm - Euro Adoption in Sight?

Poland, 18 Feb - 03 Mar 2013

Poland ratifies EU Fiscal Compact ++ Polska Plus – rise of a new party? ++ Tusk in difficulties – demission of the Minister of Justice? by Lukas Plewnia
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The Disbanding of the New Left

Poland, 04 Feb - 17 Feb 2013

Palikot Movement destroys itself ++ Prime minister of Lithuania visits Poland ++ Halftime for the Polish president by Lukas Plewnia
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European Commission Goes for Polish Roadmaking Cartels

Poland, 21 Jan - 03 Feb 2013

Collusive behaviour in road building – EU retains payments ++ Haggling over posts in the parliament ++ Poland mourns the death of popular Primate Glemp by Lukas Plewnia
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Mourning for the Kaczynski’s Mother

Poland, 07 Jan - 20 Jan 2013

Jadwiga Kaczynska is dead ++ Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Poland donates ++ New accusations against the Supreme Court by Lukas Plewnia
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Peasant Party Finally Presents New Vice Prime Minister

Poland, 26 Nov - 09 Dec 2012

PSL sends its new leader – office taken by Piechocinski ++ Spy affair in Poland – daily soap in the parliament ++ Worldview questions at the center – Polish society deeply divided by Lukas Plewnia
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Now and Ever – Smolensk Guides Polish Politics

Poland, 29 Oct - 12 Nov 2012

Spectacular news turn out to be wrong ++ Independence day – Poland shows its religious and patriotic face ++ All Saints – traffic chaos like every year by Lukas Plewnia
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Football – Even After the Euro 2012 Still a Burning Issue

Poland, 15 Oct - 28 Oct 2012

Nearly resignation of the Minister of Sport and Tourism ++ PZPN – A new beginning ++ Tightening of the abortion law stopped by Lukas Plewnia
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Smolensk – New Facts and Old Myths

Poland, 17 Sep - 30 Sep 2012

The Polish tragedy – Dissection reveals mistakes ++ Change at the top of the Polish Football Association – the beginning of a new era? ++ Economic debate about PiS proposal – new objectivity takes over? by Lukas Plewnia
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Amber Gold, Amber Gold, Amber Gold – No End in Sight

Poland, 20 Aug - 02 Sep 2012

Summer holidays end – Amber Gold comes ++ Kora goes astray – marihuana: law and order ++ Catholic media – digital TV, church and the President. by Lukas Plewnia
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Patriarch Kirill in Poland – Overcoming the Differences?

Poland, 06 Aug - 19 Aug 2012

Head of Russian Orthodox Church visits Poland – a new beginning of reconciliation? ++ Amber Gold – debacle for the Polish legal system? ++ Nearly a disaster – the result of the Olympic Games for Poland by Lukas Plewnia
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Political Scandals – a long tradition in Poland

Poland, 09 Jul - 22 Jul 2012

Dismissal of the Minister of Agriculture - rise of a new political scandal ++ In vitro fertilization – a never-ending story ++ Long way back home – collapse of Polish travel agencies ++ Football vs. volleyball – winners and losers. by Lukas Plewnia
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The End for the Polish team on EURO 2012 – and what now?

Poland, 11 Jun - 24 Jun 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 – the day after in Poland ++ No war on the street – the Russian gentle wind pased through Warsaw ++ General Slawomir Petelicki – an unexpected suicide. by Lukas Plewnia
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Upcoming EURO 2012 is on Everyone's Lips

Poland, 14 May - 27 May 2012

Poland´s New Unity before the UEFA EURO 2012 ++ Russian National Football Team vs. Jaroslaw Kaczynski ++ No TV License for Father Rydzyk ++ Protests against Deregulation of Selected Professions. by Lukas Plewnia
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Lukas Plewnia

Lukas studied social science (sociology, economics, and political science), psychology and social policy in Bielefeld and Bremen. He is a follower of the Polish-German reconciliation; therefore he took part in an internship at the German Embassy in Warsaw and in the international internship program at the Polish parliament. Now, Lukas is working as writer in an internet company. Beside his work, he conducts German blogs with Polish news for a better understanding of Poland in Germany.

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