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Bucharest’s City Hall, The Opera and Three Funerals: False Starts and Inevitable Endings

Romania, 27 Mar - 23 Apr 2016

Running for the capital’s City Hall: storm in the pool of candidates ++ Divided we stand: resignations, rehires, protests and xenophobia at the Bucharest National Opera ++ Created equal, buried differently: a dancer, an actor and an interloper. by Lavinia Manea
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A Game of Life and Numbers: About Refugee Quotas, Corruption and Education Reforms

Romania, 16 Aug - 12 Sep 2015

“One thousand seven hundred refugees is all we take”: President Iohannis dismisses mandatory quotas ++ Twenty five thousand euros and a quasi-flagrant: Bucharest general mayor arrested for corruption ++ Four days before school: Too late for an education reform?! by Lavinia Manea
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Either You Go, or I Stay: President and PM Clash over Morality Issues and Policy-Making

Romania, 21 Jun - 18 Jul 2015

Prime minister’s Shakespearean dilemma: to resign or not to resign ++ It shall not pass: President Klaus Iohannis throws out the new Fiscal Code proposal on grounds of viability ++ Out of the crisis and the eurozone: “Romanian’s currency ten years from now, won’t be the euro”. by Lavinia Manea
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Fifty Areas of Grey – Genuine Acts of Justice or Political Revenge?

Romania, 26 Apr - 23 May 2015

Updates from the battle field: the extra mile Dragnea shouldn't have run ++ Romanian civil society fights to stop massive deforestations ++ An impartial opinion or a political bias? How access to the internet influences Romanian voters. by Eva Chitul, Flavian-Catalin Pah, Lavinia Manea
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