Reports by Katharina Winter

‘Da ist das Ding!’ – Germany celebrates 4th Football World Cup Title

Germany, 01 Jul - 21 Jul 2014

Kick it like Götze – Germany wins the World Cup in Brazil ++ US spying on Germany – A never ending story? ++ Drug suspicions against SPD politician. by Katharina Winter
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The Verdict: Uli Hoeness sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison!

Germany, 25 Feb - 13 Mar 2014

Bayern Munich’s Uli Hoeness convicted for tax fraud ++ European elections countdown: German Constitutional Court overturns 3% threshold ++ Key figure Angela Merkel – Germany’s approach to the Crimean crisis. by Katharina Winter
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Ready to go? German Army plans Mission in Somalia

Germany, 28 Jan - 10 Feb 2014

Skepticism about deployment of Bundeswehr in Somalia ++ Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s election campaign in Germany ++ Doesn’t want to be responsible anymore: Head of Automobile club ADAC resigns ++ Hollywood in Berlin: Berlin International Film Festival has started. by Katharina Winter
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Weeks of Rejection: No Asylum for Edward Snowden and ‘Nolympics’ for Bavaria

Germany, 31 Oct - 13 Nov 2013

German government will not offer asylum to NSA whistleblower Snowden ++ 1500 Nazi-confiscated paintings recovered by police in Munich ++ Voters in Bavaria reject hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. by Katharina Winter
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The Bavarian Landtag election – an omen for the election of the Bundestag?

Germany, 06 Sep - 19 Sep 2013

Final days of general election campaign: Conservatives retake Bavaria – Liberals, SPD and Greens go through tough times ++ Swimming courses in “Burkini”: Muslim girls must attend sports classes ++ Germany bemoans deaths of literature critic and popular actor. by Katharina Winter
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Katharina Winter

Katharina studied Dramaturgie and Greek literature in Munich. While her Erasmus year in Athens she discovered her passion for Europe. She finished her studies in 2011 and worked for the BR (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation). At the moment she is doing a traineeship at Radio Feierwerk, a local radio channel in Munich.

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