Reports by Ivan Yanakiev

Bulgaria’s Folklore Traditions: Baba Marta and her Martenitsi

Bulgaria, 17 Feb - 16 Mar 2015

Baba Marta and her Martenitsi are back in town ++ The King Simeon will be back in Bulgarian politics? ++ Weather claims victims in Bulgaria ++ Grigor Dimitrov beats Roger Federer in a thrilling tennis game. by Ivan Yanakiev
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Coalition Chaos after Bulgaria's Election

Bulgaria, 01 Oct - 29 Oct 2014

When will Bulgaria have a new Government? ++ Bulgaria’s banking system in non-compliance with EU financial law ++ Sofia: Soundtrack of the city.
by Ivan Yanakiev
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Turning Aspirations into Realities: Bulgaria’s political & social Landscape

Bulgaria, 20 Aug - 02 Sep 2014

Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria: first preparations and electoral behaviour ++ Bulgaria 54th in 2014-2015 Global Competitiveness Report ++ Green City Sofia ++ Bulgarian football fairy tale. by Ivan Yanakiev
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Bulgaria’s Government steps down-what's next?

Bulgaria, 09 Jul - 22 Jul 2014

Bulgarian government resigns ++ Banking crisis unresolved ++ Bulgaria does not get to nominate EU Commissioner. by Ivan Yanakiev
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And the Winner is? Bulgaria after the EP Elections

Bulgaria, 14 May - 27 May 2014

Results of Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections ++ The youngest BSP candidate wins an MEP seat ++ Controversial Lafka kiosks chain in the public focus. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev, Raycho Penchev
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Data Mining Scandal cools down Bulgaria's Election Fever

Bulgaria, 02 Apr - 15 Apr 2014

Political parties abuse personal data to register ahead of EU vote ++ Threat of European funds’ cuts worry citizens and owners of small businesses ++ Easter celebrations lift people’s mood this April. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev
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All Eyes on Bulgaria: Cooperative Approaches to Security

Bulgaria, 19 Mar - 01 Apr 2014

Top U.S. diplomat visits Bulgaria to discuss the Russia-Ukraine situation ++ Bulgaria to avoid a monitoring mechanism over refugees? ++ President Rossen Plevneliev under enormous pressure. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev, Raycho Penchev
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Political Tension between Bulgaria & Macedonia over cultural Heritage

Bulgaria, 05 Mar - 18 Mar 2014

Growing differences between Bulgaria and Macedonia in politics and culture ++ First reactions to the Crimea referendum ++ Dual Educational System to start next academic year. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev
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What connects us? The Ukrainian Conflict’s Impact on Bulgaria

Bulgaria, 19 Feb - 04 Mar 2014

Bulgaria’s (re)actions on the conflict in the Ukraine ++ Presidential veto on election code overturned by the Parliament ++ Baba Marta – a cheerful folklore tradition remains popular. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev
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Dark Clouds over Bulgaria? Xenophobic Tension, Tax Fraud & Restriction on Press Freedom

Bulgaria, 05 Feb - 18 Feb 2014

Far right on rise in Bulgaria ++ PM accuses retail chains of tax fraud ++ 'Reporters Without Borders' report: Freedom of press increasingly suppressed. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev
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Bulgaria’s Justice and Home Affairs under Brussels’ ‘Magnifying Glass’

Bulgaria, 21 Jan - 04 Feb 2014

European Commission report reveals: corruption and lack of legal transparency still rife in Bulgarian society ++ The agony of choice: a referendum on voting rules ++ Diplomatic tourism – on the road to Syria, Taiwan and back. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev
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Ivan Yanakiev

Ivan studied Political Science in Freiburg with a focus on European politics and Economics. After working as Communications & PR Officer at the Centre for European Policy in Germany, he was a part of several projects in Germany, Switzerland and UK. His analyses are recommended readings for M.A. courses at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Currently, Ivan works as a consultant in the area of public relations and political communications, he is a serial entrepreneur and executive director of the NGO ‘Bulgaria Thinks’.

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