Reports by Ina Berger

‘Up All Night’ – Movement against Labour Market Reforms Grows Quickly

France, 23 Mar - 17 May 2016

Labour Market Reforms fire up the French ++ Minister of Economy founds own movement ++ ‘The Belly of Paris’ gets a new golden roof. by Catherine Grünewald, Ina Berger
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National State of Emergency and Dual Nationality Discussion Divide the French

France, 30 Dec - 27 Jan 2016

Deprivation of dual nationality for terrorists divides French politicians ++ Government considers new extension of National State of Emergency ++ Clinical trial accident: One person dies during drug tests. by Ina Berger
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A Safe Way Back Home? – France Takes Measures to Protect Women

France, 16 Jun - 13 Jul 2015

French government establishes measures against sexual harassment on public transport ++ Déjà-vu: French taxi drivers on strike against private competition once more ++ Greek debt crisis: French government aims to keep Greece inside the Eurozone. by Ina Berger
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Celebration in Times of Crisis – The Greek National Holidays

25 Mar 2015

On 25th of March, Greeks are celebrating a national bank holiday. What is this day about? And what is its historical background? by Ina Berger
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Prime Minister’s Turn-around: No Surrogacy for French Couples

France, 25 Sep - 08 Oct 2014

Anti-surrogacy demonstrations and turn-around of the Prime Minister ++ Liberal professions launch first great strike ++ French Formula One driver Jules Bianchi severely injured. by Ina Berger
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The End of a political Career? – Former President Nicolas Sarkozy arrested

France, 19 Jun - 02 Jul 2014

Former President accused of active corruption ++ New euthanasia debate in France ++ FIFA World Cup: Success of Les Bleus inspires the French. by Ina Berger
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Two-year Anniversary of Presidency: Hollande seeks to regain Popularity

France, 24 Apr - 07 May 2014

Controversial reactions to President Hollande’s TV interview ++ Who will get Alstom? General Electric and Siemens compete for French company’s energy branch ++ Reopening of the Picasso Museum delayed. by Ina Berger
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Sexual Identity as Part of the national Lesson Plan. Right or wrong?

France, 30 Jan - 12 Feb 2014

‘Gender Theory’ in schools divides French parents ++ French taxi drivers protest against private competition ++ Journalists denounce shareholders’ marketing plans for newspaper. by Ina Berger
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‘Red Caps’ defend their Jobs & ‘343 Bastards’ claim Right to Prostitution

France, 20 Oct - 02 Nov 2013

Government forced to suspend new ‘eco-tax’ ++ French hostages freed after three years in Niger ++ ‘343 bastards’ defend their right to visit prostitutes. by Ina Berger
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French Interior Minister is “the Man of the Summer”

France, 11 Aug - 24 Aug 2013

Turbulent summer season for Manuel Valls: Interior Minister is heating up debates ++ Sarkozy and his party: discussion about political inventory of five-year presidency ++ Marseille: Rising violence in the city worries locals and politicians. by Ina Berger
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Edward Snowden, a Threat for German Politicians?

Germany, 29 Jun - 12 Jul 2013

NSA surveillance program: What did German politicians know? ++ NSU terrorism trial: Accused Zschäpe refuses to talk, but police officers got an impression of her personality ++ Sabine Lisicki loses Wimbledon final but helps German tennis to a revival. by Ina Berger
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Ina Berger

Ina studied German and French Literature and Translation (French and English) in Düsseldorf and finished her Master Thesis in Literary Translation Studies in 2011. In the course of her studies she spent one semester in Salonika (Greece) and another one in Nantes (France) and gained experience in Franco-German cultural exchange interning in the Franco-German Cultural Centre of Nantes. At the moment she is working as a translator in France.

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