Reports by Federica Patalano

Europe's Shame - Migrant Tragedy in Mediterranean Sea continues

Italy, 02 Sep - 30 Sep 2014

Migrant boat tragedies: another 700 drowned in Mediterranean++ One Marine back home from Indian prison ++ Italy discussing gay marriage. by Federica Patalano, Silvia Favasuli
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Italian Presidency of the EU: Renzi to wake up 'exhausted' Europe

Italy, 24 Jun - 07 Jul 2014

PM Renzi fixes targets for the Italian Presidency of the EU ++ Italian Senate revamp goes ahead, immunity from prosecution remains ++ Massive migrant exploitation unveiled in Latina ++ Madonna-statue 'kneels' in front of Mafia-boss. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Italy gets knocked out of World Cup, and Uruguayan Suarez bites again

Italy, 09 Jun - 23 Jun 2014

World Cup 2014: Italy is out while Suarez bite overshadows the match ++ Renzi’s Government on its way to reforms ++ Pope Francis in Calabria, the land of the ’Ndrangheta. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò
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Obama meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

Italy, 03 Mar - 30 Mar 2014

Obama in Italy: Meetings with Pope Francis and Premier Renzi ++ Prime Minister Renzi sets the agenda for reform ++ Nun on TV casting show: 'like the devil and holy water'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic
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Battle in Parliament – Chaos in Italian Politics and Head of State impeached

Italy, 20 Jan - 02 Feb 2014

Turmoil in Parliament, President Napolitano under opposition attack ++ Is Fiat selling the label 'Made in Italy'? ++ Guilty! - again: New chapter opened in case of Amanda Knox ++ Milan EXPO 2015: a chance for Italian economic re-launch? by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Vittoria Carraro
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Arrivederci Silvio! – Ex-premier expelled from the Senate

Italy, 21 Nov - 04 Dec 2013

Silvio’s last political funeral? Berlusconi expelled from the Senate and Letta’s executive renewed ++ A dialogue of hope between Pope Francis and President Putin? ++ Grillo’s third V-day and the Five Stars movement electoral program ++ Fire in Tuscany Chinatown: seven people dead. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Vittoria Carraro
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Cleopatra over Sardinia – Deadly Cyclone plunges the Island into Chaos

Italy, 07 Nov - 20 Nov 2013

The tragedy of Sardinia – Island hit by a deadly cyclone ++ The ashes of the phoenix: Forza Italia's rebirth and Democratic Party's new leadership ++ 'Cancellieri affair' shakes Letta’s government ++ 'They’ll never win against us!'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro
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Federica Patalano

Federica holds a Master degree in Arts and Communication at University in Milan, an Advanced Master degree in EU Law and Politics at College of Europe in Bruges, she also studied at Harvard University in Boston for her bachelor research thesis.

Federica acquired professional experience both in the business and public sector. She started her professional career in Italy as Marketing and Business development Manager in 2009. Then she spent almost 2 years working at the European Parliament in Brussels, as Parliamentary Assistant first, and then as Policy Officer at the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Secretary General working on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and its implication on the EU decision making processes. She has also been appointed as Expert at the European Commission for the EACEA (2009-2014). Currently, Federica works as Regulatory Engagement Manager.

Federica has been always actively involved in civic activities and she believes that Cosmopublic provides a unique opportunity to increase and promote a European debate.

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