Reports by Eva Chitul

The Death of Queen Anne and the Crimes of Politicians

Romania, 17 Jul - 13 Aug 2016

The Queen is dead, long live the King ++ The Doctor that keeps on giving: the domino effect of a stolen Doctoral thesis ++ A corruption first for everything – today’s episode: the Romanian Central Bank. by Eva Chitul
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A Bittersweet March in Romania: United For Culture Whilst Divided By Fear

Romania, 28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

The terrorist attacks in Brussels – how was the view from Romania? ++ In loving memory of smoking – Romania joins 17 EU countries in banning smoking in public areas ++ Cuminţenia pământului – a means to trigger national consciousness? by Eva Chitul
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The Spark That Started a Revolution – Fire Disaster Causes Government's Downfall

08 Nov 2015

An accident during a rock concert led to the death of (now) 44 people and the injury of 180. The disaster triggered a series of events across Romania and the diaspora, showing that the roots of discontent with how the country is governed go far deeper than the tragic event in Bucharest. by Eva Chitul
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“There is no silver bullet in fighting corruption in Romania”

03 Nov 2015

The anti-corruption crusade in Romania appears to be on overdrive. Yet however intense the rhythm of the Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), whatever number of cases opened, indictments made and sentences given, with every passing month a new circle of Dante’s hell is unveiled for the Romanian people. by Eva Chitul
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Death of a Policeman, Unpunished Crimes and Mismanagement – The Endless Column of Irresponsibility

Romania, 11 Oct - 14 Nov 2015

Dying in the name of…? ++ Let the miners come to me – unpunished crimes prosecuted after 25 years ++ Sisyphus’s highway to hell – the never-ending story of infrastructural mismanagement. by Eva Chitul
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Fighting Crime and Corruption in Romania: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Romania, 19 Jul - 15 Aug 2015

The Romanian Nuremberg trial ++ The 101st dalmation ++ How much is a life worth? Corruption in the public health system. by Eva Chitul
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Greek tragedy is based on myth – and Romanian on corruption

28 Apr 2015

Taking a closer look at Romania: from a highly inefficient justice system to the most recent Presidential elections and the hope of a genuine anti-corruption campaign. by Eva Chitul
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Fifty Areas of Grey – Genuine Acts of Justice or Political Revenge?

Romania, 26 Apr - 23 May 2015

Updates from the battle field: the extra mile Dragnea shouldn't have run ++ Romanian civil society fights to stop massive deforestations ++ An impartial opinion or a political bias? How access to the internet influences Romanian voters. by Eva Chitul, Flavian-Catalin Pah, Lavinia Manea
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Setting the Romanian Scene

21 Apr 2015

Setting the Romanian scene: from the Communist legacy, to the lights and shadows of the 1989 Revolution and the “Return to Europe”. by Eva Chitul
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Eva Chitul

With a background in computer programming, Eva studied International Relations and Politics at the University of Essex in the UK, and EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. Eva worked in the public sector as part of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU and at SQUARIS Consultants in Brussels. Currently, Eva works as a Consultant at Luther Pendragon Brussels with a focus on energy, environment and transport.

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