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Keep Calm and Carry on – How Germany Deals with Terrorist Attacks

Germany, 06 Jul - 02 Aug 2016

A week of horror – four attacks in just 6 days ++ Keep calm and carry on ++ Is the media overstrained? ++ No chance for right-wing populists. by Eike Hortsch
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Terror in Paris Leaves Germany in Shock – How to Deal With Islamic Terrorism?

Germany, 27 Oct - 23 Nov 2015

Terror in Paris – planned terror attack in Hannover ++ Refugees welcome! – But where should they stay? ++ Former Chancellor Schmidt dies – Germany loses elder statesman and political heavyweight by Eike Hortsch
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No-Vote in Greece, No Information on Espionage, No Cup for Women, No “TV total”

Germany, 10 Jun - 07 Jul 2015

Confused and annoyed – the German perception of the Greek referendum ++ Hackers attack the German parliament – No information ++ NSA-Scandal – No information ++ Women’s World cup – No cup for Germany ++ The surprising and premature end of a great TV-career. by Eike Hortsch
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New Talks in Minsk, New Faces in Greece – Will It Change Anything?

Germany, 21 Jan - 17 Feb 2015

A new peace initiative and a sleepless chancellor ++ New government, old problem – Greece and the Euro crisis ++ New leaders using old enemy images ++ Former German President Richard von Weizsäcker dies. by Eike Hortsch
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'One Hundred' – A Number Produces Headlines in Germany

Germany, 22 Jul - 11 Aug 2014

Ecclestone trail: A deal for one hundred million ++ World War One: One hundred years anniversary ++ No arms for Russia: One hundred loss for German company ++ Turkish presidential elections. by Eike Hortsch
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EP Elections, Football and the Turkish PM – No Winners in Germany

Germany, 20 May - 02 Jun 2014

European Elections: Everything will stay the same ++ All quiet on the western front – NSA surveillance investigations in Germany ++ Injuries and accidents – national team prepares for football World Cup under difficult circumstances ++ Erdoğan in Cologne: Turkish politics divide Germany. by Eike Hortsch
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From Friends to Enemies? Germany's new Russia Policy

Germany, 11 Mar - 24 Mar 2014

The Crimean conflict and Germany's new position on Russia ++ From hero to zero – The sensational fall of Uli Hoeness ++ What happened to Flight MH370? ++ Approval by Federal Constitutional Court: Germany now officially part of ESM. by Eike Hortsch
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Eike Hortsch

Eike studied Political Science and European Studies at the University of Bielefeld (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg (Russia). He finished his Master's studies in Political Science at the University of Bremen (Germany) in 2014. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

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