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Cosmopublic is no longer operating

27 Sep 2017

We are deeply saddened to announce that is no longer operating. by Christian Grünewald, Daniel Rätz, Malte Liewerscheidt
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Party with Putin – Former Chancellor irritates German Government

Germany, 22 Apr - 05 May 2014

A pipeline, a birthday party and a hug – Gerhard Schröder & the Russian president ++ OSCE Hostages released by Sloviansk militia ++ Believe it or not: Bayern Munich loses…President Hoeness & vs. Real Madrid. by Christian Grünewald
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German Election Special

Germany, 18 Sep - 18 Sep 2013

Great victory for Merkel’s Party – but she needs a new government partner ++ Left wing Die Linke comes in third place, AfD steals votes from across the party spectrum ++ The liberal disaster ++ Red and Green disappoint ++ A Game of Seats: What the results mean for a future government. by Benno Gross, Christian Grünewald
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Lame Railway Station, Lame Election Campaign

Germany, 10 Aug - 23 Aug 2013

Nowhere to go from Mainz Station – Embarrassment for Deutsche Bahn ++ Less than a month to the general election – when does the campaign take off? ++ Bundesliga starts again: Goals, Penalties and Red Cards all over. by Christian Grünewald
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All Eyes on Munich, Bavaria: Football, Taxes, Courts & Politics

Germany, 19 Apr - 17 May 2013

Case of Bayern president Hoeness heats up tax fraud debate ++ Highly anticipated NSU terrorism trial starts with flood of petitions ++ Disbelief about Bavarian nepotism scandal. by Christian Grünewald
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Plenty of Work for Euro Supporters and the German Courts

Germany, 04 Apr - 18 Apr 2013

New political party questions Germany's benefit from the Euro ++ Right-wing terrorist trial postponed after trouble with Turkish media ++ Bribery case of former President Wulff now goes to court ++ Two German football clubs in the semifinals: Impressive Champions League season by Bayern and Dortmund. by Christian Grünewald
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Surprise and Respect about Resignation of German Pope

Germany, 06 Feb - 19 Feb 2013

Benedict XVI stuns the Catholic world by announcing retirement ++ Horsemeat scandal reaches Germany ++ Education Minister finally resigns after losing PhD. by Christian Grünewald
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Germany’s Favourite Obama Wins Second Term

Germany, 24 Oct - 06 Nov 2012

US election outcome closely watched – and highly appreciated ++ Government parties struggle for controversial bills ++ Broadcaster reveals attempted manipulation by Bavarian conservatives. by Christian Grünewald
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Hope for Europe, Concern about the Middle East

Germany, 12 Sep - 25 Sep 2012

Constitutional Court says “Yes, but…” to ESM ++ The anti-Muslim video and the freedom of speech ++ Federal Council goes for female quota. by Christian Grünewald
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“Greece vs. Germany” - All Over the Place?

Germany, 04 Jun - 19 Jun 2012

Short Relief after Election in Greece, but Nothing All-clear in the Debt crisis ++ German Group Winners Face Highly Motivated Greeks at the EURO 2012 ++ Embarrassment for Government through Failed Child Care Bill ++ Massive Crackdown on Biker Gangs. by Christian Grünewald
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Regional elections shaping future political landscape

Germany, 12 Mar - 25 Mar 2012

Early elections after failure of largest federal state’s government ++ CDU wins Saarland, pirates are continuing success ++ Horror of serial killings in Toulouse, France. by Christian Grünewald
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Consternation over Shipwreck off Italian cost

Germany, 16 Jan - 29 Jan 2012

Mourning for victims of cruise shipwreck ++ Chemist’s chain Schlecker is bankrupt ++ Football Bundesliga thrills the crowd, national handball teams disappoint. by Christian Grünewald
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Protests on nuclear power ...again

Germany, 21 Nov - 04 Dec 2011

Once more violent protests against nuclear waste transport ++ Investigations against neo-Nazi cell extended ++ People finally vote for international rail station Stuttgart 21 ++ Fuss about public comeback of former Defence Secretary Guttenberg. by Christian Grünewald
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Controversy about home visit of Pope Benedict XVI

Germany, 12 Sep - 25 Sep 2011

Pope's visit heats up discussion on Catholic Church ++ Is the financial help for Greece going to be Merkel's fateful question? ++ Election day in the state of Berlin - Liberals crash, pirates boarding the Senate. by Christian Grünewald
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In mourning for the great humorist Loriot

Germany, 15 Aug - 28 Aug 2011

Saying farewell to Loriot ++ Success of Gaddafi opponents increases pressure on Foreign Minister Westerwelle ++ President and former chancellors attack Merkel's government policy ++ Book release of captain Lahm rocks the boat. by Christian Grünewald
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Christian Grünewald

Christian studied political science, history and public law at the University of Bonn. He has been involved in several journalistic projects, gained further experience with NGOs during his studies and is currently working in communications. Promoting the European idea is one of his most important concerns, thanks to his extensive travels and an exchange semester in Stockholm, Sweden.

Christian is a founding member of and vice-chairman of the European Cosmopublic Project e.V., the association behind the website.

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