Reports by Catherine Grünewald

‘Up All Night’ – Movement against Labour Market Reforms Grows Quickly

France, 23 Mar - 17 May 2016

Labour Market Reforms fire up the French ++ Minister of Economy founds own movement ++ ‘The Belly of Paris’ gets a new golden roof. by Catherine Grünewald, Ina Berger
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Joyeux Noël! – Christmas Celebrations in France

24 Dec 2015

How the French celebrate the winter holidays. by Catherine Grünewald
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France shaken by War at Gaza Strip and Plane Crash in Africa

France, 17 Jul - 30 Jul 2014

pro-Palestinian protests in Paris banned ++ France in a state of shock after plane crash in Mali ++ Jérôme Kerviel’s detention: a never-ending story. by Catherine Grünewald, Katinka Koke
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Once again: France descends into Chaos due to Railway Strike

France, 05 Jun - 18 Jun 2014

Railway employees on strike cripple the country ++ 70th D-Day anniversary assembles heads of state and government ++ Jean-Marie Le Pen stains his own party with anti-Semitic statement. by Catherine Grünewald
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What kind of Europe would Germans and Belgians like to see?

17 Mar 2014

Cosmopublic reporters on site: a report from the fourth German-Belgian Conference. by Catherine Grünewald
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The abandoned Baby on the Beach – only one Reason for Concern

France, 17 Nov - 30 Nov 2013

Little girl left to die on the beach ++ Hostilities towards satirical newspaper … again ++ French Footballers go to Rio – and on strike? ++ Suspension of the eco-tax is not enough ++ CEO of Peugeot Citroën renounces his pension. by Catherine Grünewald
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Fight over Working Hours and Integration of Roma People

France, 22 Sep - 05 Oct 2013

Late-night work and working on Sundays provoke breaches of law ++ “Roma people are called upon to return to Romania” ++ News about missing girl: mother and her partner confess. by Catherine Grünewald
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Tour de France Celebrates 100th Anniversary: French in Party Mood

France, 14 Jul - 27 Jul 2013

Right after the 100th Tour de France a list with former doped riders published ++ A simple police check provokes riots in western suburbs of Paris ++ French politician claims that maybe Hitler did not kill enough gypsies. by Catherine Grünewald
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Qatari Predominance, Cultural Issues and a Political Comeback?

France, 16 Jun - 13 Jul 2013

Qatari-owned buildings in Paris in the spotlight ++ Free trade treaty negotiations with the USA – France prevails over Barroso ++ Ecology Minister gets fired for criticising government’s budget restrictions ++ Financial issues in the centre-right party: is former President Sarkozy coming back to politics? by Catherine Grünewald
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Once Again: the French Take a Stand for Their Language

France, 13 May - 26 May 2013

In English, please! Is the French language endangered? ++ Paris and Toulon dominate sporting events ++ The Golden Palm in Cannes is "Blue" this year. by Catherine Grünewald
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Catherine Grünewald

Catherine's passion for the French language and culture runs like a common threat trough her studies and activities. She studied Romance philologies and Franco-German cultural relations and works currently as a project manager. With her Franco-German focus, Catherine also commits to programmes and events of the Weimar triangle and the European Union.

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