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Burned-out Workers, Fighters and Party Leaders

Sweden, 16 Jan - 02 Feb 2015

Stress causes exhaustion at younger ages ++ Christian Democrats party leader resigns ++ Swedish official statistics risk becoming misleading ++ Swedish UFC fans disappointed by Mauler fight. by Camilla Buch
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Sweden Steps Up the Fight against the Ebola Virus

Sweden, 04 Oct - 17 Oct 2014

Sweden makes further efforts in the fight against Ebola ++ Swedish woman gives birth with transplanted uterus ++ Strong reactions to potential airport closing ++ Xenophobia concerns increase among Swedish youths. by Camilla Buch
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Race for Voters Tightens as Election Day Nears

Sweden, 09 Aug - 22 Aug 2014

Gap between political blocks decreases ++ Dangerous water levels cause damage in western Sweden ++ Swedish invention detects skin cancer ++ Increased Swedish support for Iraq. by Camilla Buch
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Massive Heatwave causes Dehydration and Drownings in Sweden

Sweden, 12 Jul - 25 Jul 2014

Massive heatwave causes dehydration and drownings ++ Assange remains in custody in his absence ++ Social Democrats Party leader heavily criticised online. by Camilla Buch
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Moderate Party suffers Defeat in EP Elections, strong Greens and Nationalists

Sweden, 17 May - 30 May 2014

Surprising winners and losers in the Swedish EP-elections ++ Fire causes massive problems for train commuters in Stockholm ++ Survey: Conservative voters more open to bipartisan government. by Camilla Buch
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Russia's Actions change Swedish Defence Strategy

Sweden, 22 Feb - 07 Mar 2014

Crimea Crisis brings new security approach, PM Reinfeldt causes irritation ++ Discussing a new law to increase access for persons with disabilities ++ “Millenium” author Stieg Larsson investigated the murder of Olof Palme. by Camilla Buch
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Swedish Criticism of Sochi Olympics and Website that discloses Criminal Records

Sweden, 26 Jan - 08 Feb 2014

Star Athletes against Sochi Olympics ++ Controversial site outrages Swedes ++ Greater gap between political blocs. by Camilla Buch
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Swedish Reporter Duo lost in Syrian War

Sweden, 13 Nov - 26 Nov 2013

Two Journalists from Sweden abducted in Syria ++ Terminal patient on air – unique lawsuit in Uppsala ++ Does Swedish Transport Administration ignore railroad problems? by Camilla Buch
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The King celebrates 40th Throne Anniversary, Changes in Government

Sweden, 04 Sep - 17 Sep 2013

King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates 40 years on the throne ++ Prime Minister Reinfeld refurbishes government ++ Swedish Democrats get large following in church elections. by Camilla Buch
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U.S. President Obama to Pay highly anticipated Visit to Sweden

Sweden, 07 Aug - 20 Aug 2013

Barack Obama meets Nordic Prime Ministers in Sweden ++ Swedish athletes criticise Russia’s gay rights law ++ Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s move to cut taxes sparks debate. by Camilla Buch
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