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'We are the People'? Pegida Movement Sparks Debate on anti-islamic Resentments

19 Jan 2015

What is Pegida? ++ What Pegida wants ++ Reactions. by Benno Gross
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German Election Special

Germany, 18 Sep - 18 Sep 2013

Great victory for Merkel’s Party – but she needs a new government partner ++ Left wing Die Linke comes in third place, AfD steals votes from across the party spectrum ++ The liberal disaster ++ Red and Green disappoint ++ A Game of Seats: What the results mean for a future government. by Benno Gross, Christian Grünewald
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Duel or Duet? Bundestag Campaign off to a Slow Start

Germany, 24 Aug - 05 Sep 2013

The race for the German Chancellery has begun! Somewhat ++ Campaign part II: No clear positions on the Syrian conflict ++ President Joachim Gauck in France: An act of reconciliation between France and Germany. by Benno Gross
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Obama's 25-hour-visit to Berlin: #Neuland, Nukes & NSA

Germany, 14 Jun - 28 Jun 2013

Obama in Berlin: @Merkel believes internet to be #Neuland (uncharted territory) ++ Literature Nobel-Prize winner attacks Angela Merkel ++ Bayern Munich. by Benno Gross
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Bayern Victorious, Defence Minister under Pressure

Germany, 18 May - 30 May 2013

Minister of Defence brings “Game of Drones” to an end ++ Greens deal with pedophilia accusations ++ Bayern Munich: European football's new powerhouse. by Benno Gross
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Trouble with Turkish Media Exclusion in Neo-Nazi Terrorism Trial

Germany, 21 Mar - 03 Apr 2013

Right-wing serial murder trial to start without Turkish media attendance ++ German journalist seriously wounded in Syrian civil war ++ NPD's Berlin party headquarters closed down. by Benno Gross
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Chancellor Candidate "Clowns" about Italian Election

Germany, 19 Feb - 04 Mar 2013

New trouble for Steinbrück: SPD frontrunner speaks disparagingly about Berlusconi and Grillo ++ Government parties determine their first programmatics for the Bundestag elections ++ Protests for preservation of what is left of the Berlin Wall. by Benno Gross
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“Dirndl-Gate”: Harmless Men's Humour or Daily Sexism?

Germany, 17 Jan - 05 Feb 2013

Dirndl-affair causes debate on casual sexism ++ Despite losing the doctorate: Education Minister (CDU) initially remai­ns in office ++ Match-fixing also in German football? by Benno Gross
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Former Capital Bonn Luckily Avoids Terrorist Assault

Germany, 06 Dec - 20 Dec 2012

After attempted bombing: In need of intensified surveillance? ++ Federal Council proposes NPD ban ++ Espionage affair in the Ministry of Health calls security of Ministries in question. by Benno Gross
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History Repeating Itself? Next Minister in Academic Trouble

Germany, 10 Oct - 23 Oct 2012

Schavan's future in jeopardy ++ Baden-Württemberg: Once conservative, now green ++ The national football team: Defeat despite draw. by Benno Gross
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Pension Debate and the Former First Lady Inflame Passions

Germany, 29 Aug - 11 Sep 2012

In search of measures against old-age poverty ++ Former first lady sues TV-show host and Google ++ German forces “under attack”. by Benno Gross
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