Reports by Anne-Kristin Beinhauer

Retirement Plans for Elderly Unemployed and How to Spend the Summer the Finnish Way

Finland, 19 Aug - 15 Sep 2016

Governmental proposal to let ageing job seekers retire finds approval across party lines ++ Finnish outdoor activity mölkky gains popularity around the world – France wins world championship ++ Violent summer storm hits Finland.
by Anne-Kristin Beinhauer
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110th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and Annual Midsummer Celebrations

Finland, 27 May - 23 Jun 2016

110th anniversary of Finnish women’s suffrage and gender equality nowadays ++ Head of government announces ministerial changes ++ Test run of mobile alarm systems for reindeer accident prevention ++ Juhannus - Finnish Midsummer. by Anne-Kristin Beinhauer
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Hauskaa Vappua! – A Colourful Cocktail of Traditions For the Finnish First of May

01 May 2016

Roots and development of vappu ++ Vappu traditions ++ Typical food and drinks. by Anne-Kristin Beinhauer
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Anne-Kristin Beinhauer

Anne-Kristin studies Finnish studies and Romance languages and literatures with focus on Spanish and French at the University of Cologne and the University of Seville. Having lived and worked one year each in Finland and in Spain, she’s very interested in European relations and intercultural exchange. Besides her studies she likes to teach languages as a private teacher and writes articles for several editorials. She’s passionate about sports, languages, cultures, arts and music. She is one of the founder of our Finnish desk.

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