Reports by Andreas Fleig

Nobel Prize winner Grass under fire from all sides

Germany, 26 Mar - 08 Apr 2012

Günter Grass goes on at Israel ++ Criticism of (new) media for homicide news coverage ++ Schlecker rescue fails ++ Waiting for Pirate program. by Andreas Fleig
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Hard times for Liberal Party

Germany, 05 Dec - 23 Dec 2011

Liberals: Resignation of the Secretary General and internal opinion poll ++ President under critical examination ++ Great Britain moves toward isolation ++ Potential party ban of the NPD ++ Canada revokes Kyoto Protocol. by Andreas Fleig
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Coalition spars - but accepts rescue package

Germany, 26 Sep - 09 Oct 2011

Enlargement of the euro rescue package ++ Sentence on football marketing rights ++ Berlin election - Red-Green quits coalition talks and Pirates face problems ++ In mourning of Apple Founder Steve Jobs. by Andreas Fleig
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German economic growth continues

Germany, 13 Jun - 26 Jun 2011

Government plans new tax cuts + + New auxiliary program for Greece ++ Dirk Nowitzki celebrated. by Andreas Fleig
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