Reports by Alina Agafiţei

Changes On Stream: Internal Politics, Hunting Regulations and Schengen Area Negotiations

Romania, 11 Sep - 08 Oct 2016

Former Internal Affairs Minister Oprea resigns from Senate ++ Trophy hunt for several animals banned ++ Romania’s entrance in the Schengen area – reason to hope? by Alina Agafiţei
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Convictions of Political Big Shots and Tragic Losses in Natural Disaster

Romania, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2016

Central bank attempts to regain public trust by transparency initiative after conviction of former vice governor ++ Former Minister Oprea investigated in criminal court regarding murder trial ++ Romanian victims in the Amatrice earthquake receive compensation payment. by Alina Agafiţei
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The Impact of Brexit on Romania

23 Jul 2016

A month has passed since the UK decided to leave the EU. What impact will the Brexit have on Romania and Romanians living in Britain? by Alina Agafiţei
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Romanian Future Taking Shape: Equal Political Treatment and Military Involvement

Romania, 19 Jun - 16 Jul 2016

Former PM Ponta, accused of plagiarism, has doctor’s title withdrawn ++ NATO Summit brings changes for Romania’s international military involvement ++ Rio Summer Olympics 2016: Gymnast Cătălina Ponor flag bearer for Romania. by Alina Agafiţei
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Romania's Changing Course: From Culture to a New Bearer of Political Hope

Romania, 29 May - 25 Jun 2016

Gabriela Firea new mayor of Bucharest – local elections in a country of a miscellaneous political orientation ++ Transylvania International Film Festival 2016: a quarter of a century of history on reel ++ Hexi Pharma or how the Romanian health system started to be cured. by Alina Agafiţei
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Alina Agafiţei

With a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication, Alina attended media related study programs at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University located in Iasi, Romania and at Høgskulen i Volda situated in Volda, Norway. Besides being involved as a volunteer in several NGOs, Alina followed internships focused on Social Media, PR & Publicity and News Reporting. Currently located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Alina studies European Governance at the Faculty of European Studies for obtaining her Master's Degree, with an interest towards international relations, negotation and neighbourhood policies.

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