Cosmopublic is no longer operating

27 Sep 2017
We are deeply saddened to announce that is no longer operating. by Christian Grünewald, Daniel Rätz, Malte Liewerscheidt

Dear readers, followers and supporters,

as every charitable project, Cosmopublic depends on the contributions of volunteers. Since several members had to leave Cosmopublic due to personal reasons, we can, unfortunately, no longer sustain the tremendous efforts to keep the website running.

We thank everyone who contributed to Cosmopublic over the past seven years very much. We appreciated their great work and dedication.

We thank you, dear reader, as well. It was a pleasure to provide you news and insights from all over Europe.

In the next couple of weeks, we will figure out if there is still a chance to continue the project in some form. If you are interested in building up a new team and continuing to support and foster the European idea, please drop us an email:

Best regards,
The team of